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Shetland Not quite Sunday yet

I know, it's Thursday, but it has been a while since my latest Shetland update, and our fly-out date is getting nearer... so, a quick look at where the sweater now stands!

Getting close!!! Last night, I finally attached the two sleeves, which knit up pretty quickly, and now I'm on the home straight.

The sleeve just reaches past the elbow, just the way I like it. And the length of the body is just right! I had added a bit of length, because on the pictures I found it a bit short. And as I spend a lot of time sitting down, the last thing I want to do is keep having to pull down the sweater over my bum.
And this is where some of the 'magic' is going to happen... The steek at the front, where the knitting has to be cut, folded back and then used as the basis for the neckline. 
About the neckline, I realised a few days ago that I would not have enough pecan yarn to finish it. Even though you don't see many brown stitches in the ribbing, the yarn has to be taken along th…

Where am I?

Knitting al fresco in Denmark....

Live @ Faaborg beach
Cotton bag @ Faaborg camping

Sherilyn @ Fins Hoved

Sherilyn @ Koge Beach

Sherilyn @ Kronborg (Elsinore)

Sherilyn @ the S-train.
To be continued...