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Fun outdoors

In a cloud of dandelion pollen we cycled out to one of the many playgrounds in town last Sunday and enjoyed a blissful lunch out in the sunshine. After the kids had finished running about like lions, devoured their sandwiches and gulped down their juice, we cycled past the allotment to pick up some lettuce and rhubarb. On arriving home, the sun had really decided to put in an appearance, so we decided to drive out to the beach.
Of course, as soon as we got there, the sun decided to disappear and it was quite chilly with the wind, but it was fun nonetheless. While I protected the fort and did some more knitting, the kids and Steve went off like proper beachcombers and came back wit a bag full of treasure, which will be used to decorate some picture frames and mirrors in the weeks to come.
Yesterday, we braved the wind again and visited one of the many farms in the area on Open Farm Day. We all love cows (especially the little calves), and when the farmer actually has a bouncy castle, a …

Back home!

After only one night in hospital, I'm back home: still with two ovaries but without the annoying cyste and a clean uterus. Just a little bit of sore stomach muscles, but nothing that some R&R won't cure.
I have been knitting, the first ball of yarn was knit up just before I had to go in for my operation, and I will start my top again as soon as I've finished my book, which is captivating and almost finished. ;)
More news to follow soon!

Call to arms!

I finished Sam's knight's chainmail tunic Sunday, and on Monday morning saw that what I had already feared, had happened. The decreases as per instructions in the pattern just didn't work. I brushed a few tears away when I told the little man he had to take it off again and that mommy would fix it as soon as she got out of the hospital, and put it in the knitting chest again.
Big was the surprise when I was told I could go home today, as my operation (not a biggy, no fear) is not until tomorrow afternoon. So, after all the doctors had a good poke and prod, after enough blood was taken to help out in a war, I got back on the bus home. And of course, finished the knitting ;) And now I have a happy little knight man. Who is blissfully asleep, dreaming of fighting dragons...
Sam with his outfit and his huge dragon sword and armor.
Who can say no to a face like that... Yes, I will be making pants to go with that (anywhere I can get some cheap leather(ette) stuff?) and a helmet!

An image says more than a thousand words

This is how they've slept the last two nights. Two little angels (don't ask how they behaved during the daytime, because the sleep only comes after a lot of laughter and playing and music, ergo short nights, ergo cranky kids)! I'll have to miss this sight a few evenings next week, as I found out today that I have to go into hospital on Monday for a planned cyste removal. It's a bit eh... sudden! I've been on the waiting list for weeks, and it turned out they had the wrong phone number. The fact that it was right on the official forms and that I'm listed in the phonebook apparently didn't matter. Anyway, just enough time to ensure that the kiddies and daddy are taken care of and that other appointments are moved (which was not easy, as it's a day off today for a lot of people, and I also had a work appoint halfway across the country today - thank God for e-mail and Internet!).
It also means that I'll be printing out a few knitting patterns for the ho…

From head to hands

This week was chockablock! Not only did I finally get the feedback on my book and did I manage to hand it in hours before the designer had to send off a proof to the publisher (yup, but still in time, haha!), but also fit in one knit night, one theatre performance, a Freedom Festival and some pimpin'. And today, after a busy, mostly dry week - some gardening! As pictures say more than words, here they are!

The cabinet pre-pimp, but after I had already painted the top two drawers ;)

The cabinet post-pimp. With new chrome slimline legs, adding some height, painted dusky pink and beautiful knobs.
I had the choice between marguerites and edelweiss buttons, and as we are slightly crazy about 'that' musical, I chose the edelweiss. Aren't they gorgeous? While I was painting, my yarn pimp rang. I had ordered loads of Drops Delight and Alpaca (for this and this), so while the paint was drying, I quickly cycled out and picked up my stash. After clearing out my yarn basket, it now loo…