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Ready, set, go!

The start of the Tour de France also means the start of the Tour de Fleece. Lots of spinners on Ravelry try to make as many miles as they can while the cyclists are doing their best to win the yellow jersey.  As I had such a blast last year, I'm joining again this year. I started off with carding some Bleu de Maine, from a fleece I bought last week at the Farm & Country Fair in Aalten, plus beehiving and plying of some yarn I finished spinning yesterday. It's part shocking pink (no idea whether it's man-made or natural fiber, it was part of a big bag full of different things) and part sari batt. Such fun to just mess about with it and turn it into something fun and cool!  Combined with trying (and failing) to fix a bust bike tyre, I have to say this was a great first day!

A day out...

Sometimes you just deserve a day out... A day full of spinning with friends at a lovely big farm and garden fair, looking at the stands, tasting yummy foods, fondling and buying wool and yarn, stroke some sheep and goats... That kind of stuff...
And guess what, that was the day we had planned yesterday, at the Farm & Country Fair in Aalten.

And then the heavens opened... The weather was just atrocious all day. It just kept raining and raining and raining. All those poor people outside, the horse shows, the chicken dancing, the sheep competitions... :(

And even though I prepared, I had brought 2 right crocs instead of a pair.

And I left the umbrella in the car.

And I was wearing heels. New heels. Turquoise, totally the same colour as my nail polish, bag and shawl. Yes, I like to colour coordinate...

I made it to the wool tent. And there I stayed. Luckily, I could tick most of the boxes in the wool tent. There was spinning.
Not just of this fleece (Bleu de Maine, which I bought in t…

Are we ready for some football?

First, you take some plastic beads and melt them in the oven (200C) for five minutes...

Then you turn them into earrings and bracelets... Still more to make, but I think we're ready for some football!