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Shetland - day 3 - Monday October 8

Our third day in Shetland, and a very special one. Not only my wee boy Samuel celebrated his birthday - he turned 6 - but Monique as well. So while I phoned home early in the morning to sing Happy Birthday to my son, Monique had her own choir on the phone ;)
After a quick breakfast, we set out for Lerwick, and on the way there we decided to go for a walk along the beach first, before venturing into town.

We drove around Breiwick Bay and parked our car at the Knab, a natural promontory facing Bressay, where there are several relics from WWII and also a huge cemetery, with some amazing and beautiful headstones. Almost a view to die for...

Although the weather was lovely when we arrived, quickly the wind picked up and it started raining. We ran back to the car and drove back into town. Time for some birthday cake!
The Museum was an obvious choice, as DutchJan had told us that chef Mike always made the loveliest food. Unfortunately, Mike wasn't in, but his wife Lorna was. What a lovel…

Shetland - Days 1 and 2

And then, before you know it, the alarm goes off... It was a very short night, as this mommy had decided that - the evening before a 2.30AM start - she had to try and fix the washing machine that just broke down, fix a puncture is Batmans back tyre, create 24 treats to hand out on his birthday on Monday and pack a bag. All at the same time.
Not a clever idea.
Especially when at 3AM, when the last items went into the bag and it needed zipped up, the zipper breaks.

Yes, it was a great start to the day, and if it had only been me going, I would have jut sat down on the floor and cried.

But, instead, I woke up long-suffering husband, made him climb into the cubby hole in the attic - still half asleep - and dig out another bag. After repacking, drinking a stiff espresso and a last kiss goodbye, I drove off to pick up Monique.
And after an exciting drive, we arrived at the car park, and saw the first planes landing in the distance...

We were dropped off at the terminal, checked in, had more…

Back home!

We're back home safe and sound. Lots of experiences, lots of new people, lots of moments of surprise, tenderness and just heartfelt love, and so much FUN! It was amazing!
I have a whole list of people I want to thank for this great trip, first and foremost Monique, without whom I would never have gone to Shetland. I wonder what people were thinking, when they saw us pouring over beautiful lace shawls, trying to figure out the stitch combinations, using Dutch and English abbreviations in a strange mishmash of knitting lingo, taking photos from every possible angle and just ooh-ing and ah-ing at every corner.
I am still trying to come back to earth - I guess I'm still hovering somewhere over Fair Isle, lol - and blog posts are in the making. As the week to come will be extremely busy, I don't know exactly when the blogs will be ready, but they will be worth it!
A little taster...

More to come!!!