Wednesday, November 23, 2011

More Doctor yarnies

I had enough of the yarn used for Mermaids gloves left to knit hubby a pair of man gloves as well. This time held double with some purple Drops alpaca.
And yes, the fingers could have been a bit longer (one will never learn...), but they're warm, they're funky and they're going to be nice and handy on the bike.
The combination of the purple alpaca and the stripey homespun gives a fun effect. Although, hubby did say he'd have preferred matching gloves...
Tssss... These are BOTH one of a kind!
Onward with other things... such as sewing... After trying on my dress, it turns out to be too WIDE in the waist, so there's some work to be done there... And Mermaid's coat is coming on leaps and bounds. I finished off the pockets yesterday, sewed on buttons and sewed the sleeves and collar. The sleeves can be put in next, then it's time for lining!
Ten of these shiny buttons for only a Euro. That was a bargain! There were similar buttons in the shop, which cost 1.50 a piece ;)
The little fake flaps on the chest are fun! They have they lining fabric on the inside.
And one more of Mermaid. We enjoyed a fun visit from Monique and here daughter on Sunday, and the moms were kept very busy, as they wanted to 'make stuff'... The stuff turned out to be a strapless dress.
The fun you can have with a scrap piece of fabric ;)
And once the sewing machine is out, these little men just come out as well... Just to get us into the holiday spirit...
I have enough fabric to make three more cushions, so they will be adorning our sofa in the winter months!

Friday, November 18, 2011


A shivering Dutch girl in the cold,
Put all her mommy's knitting projects on hold...
Even when she was sitting
Beside the pool she was knitting
And after two days lo behold!
Pattern: Cupido Cowl
Yarn: Autumn, homespun from roving swapped at the SnB anniversary,
around 70 grams
Needles: 4mm
It's going to be just perfect for when she starts skating lessons in a few weeks' time!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Sl5wyif, or...

Slip 5 with yarn in front. Knitting lingo can be full of complicated stitch abbreviations, such as LLinc, RLinc, ktbl, k2tog, cdd, pnso and psso... And yes, if you know what all of these mean, you're a true knitter!
The sl5wyif was used for these fingerless mittens.
If you alternate the technique, pick up the loop two rows up, you get what we Dutchies would call 'wiebertjes'. It's a very fun technique to try, especially with variegated or stripey yarn.
Beautiful Moonwise yarn
The yarn started out as a cake of roving, which I won with my Herculanean spinning effort during the Tour de Fleece. It was spun up during the Summer into a chunky-ish DK 3-ply and then the yarn found its way to my needles.
Warm hands
I just had enough to make long fingerless mittens and they are lovely to wear on my morning walks, especially now that it's getting very chilly out there... No need to say that Mermaid was very jealous, and asked why on earth I was finishing off mittens for myself while there's a coat lying about, waiting to be sewn up... Kids... ;)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Proud seamstress

The dress is done! No pictures of me in it yet... still a few pounds to lose and an underdress to buy ;) But, in its full glory!
For this dress (from Burda Style 9/2010), I used a lovely teal/turquois blue stretch fabric, which was actually quite hard to work with. Because it stretches, exactly. The back and front were also quite hard to distinguish, which resulted in me putting the entire front together, only to find out that one of the strips was back to front. Big sigh. Had to be taken out again and resewn...
There was actually quite a bit of hand-sewing to do. The piping around the arm holes and inside the sleeves all had to be fastened on by hand, to create invisible seams, and the same was true for the neck and hem line.
It was great fun to do, and I'm bitten by the sewing bug badly. I've already started cutting and basting Mermaid's winter coat, so hopefully I can start sewing that next Monday in class. Looking forward to that!
I've also joined a sewing site, similar to Ravelry, but then specifically for sewing, called My Sewing Circle. The site is still in development, but it looks fun to have a sewing portfolio as well, besides the knitting/crochet/spinning stuff.

It's quite fun to see the effect of light on the lines in the machine-knit fabric. It gives a nice shimmer and because not all the lines run straight down (as a result of how the fabric was cut and reassembled) there is some variation in colour and colour depth. A great project to get my teeth into. I learnt a lot the past few weeks!
Of course, this party dress is just begging for a nice lace shawl... So guess what will fly onto the needles this week...

Monday, November 7, 2011

And... done!

The gloves were done by midday on Sunday...
... and then Mermaid said the fingers were a bit on the short side... Mmm, should have seen that myself...
So, the fingers were extended and by the time we were surrounded by these little creatures (baby peacocks, how cute!)...
They were done. Again! This time, they fit!
Pattern: none, just based on old gloves we bought from the Hema last year
Yarn: homespun roving 'Doctor' from Dutch Wool Diva (Diva Dosis Spin Club)
Needles: 2.5mm, circular

Friday, November 4, 2011

In progress... and trying to contain my inspiration

With work being nice and 'normal' for a change, my head is overrunning with ideas. Sint Maarten, Sinterklaas and Christmas coming up don't help either... There's all these cool crafting ideas and projects fighting for attention from my fingers... The list of WIPs (work in progress) is getting longer, and the yarn I'm spinning up when my head is just too busy to knit, is also screaming out to be worked into something nice...
So, I've added a few items to my In Progress list again... and my wish list and Favorites on Ravelry...
First up... the green/grey flap gloves for Mermaid...
Mermaid has very narrow hands, but these to me look very pointy and weird...
The thumb and flap are done, half fingers still missing. Glove 1, not sure if this project will see completion...
Yarn: grey Drops alpaca and the Lana Grossa Meilenweit Wave. 
Because of these doubts, I started a new pair, from the spun up Diva Dose Spin Club from September (The Doctor).
Totally different pattern, with fingers this time. Knits up like a dream. These will be finished before the weekend is out, I guess!
Contains merino, bfl, silk and a bit of firestar. Soft soft!!!
And more knitting for Mermaid, who was complaining that I 'never knit anything for her!'
This is the cabled yoke of a tunic. Nice and warm and wintry. Hopefully done soon.
And while we're talking of Mermaid, her winter coat... is still waiting... My dress is almost ready, one more evening at sewing class or at home and I'm done! Then I'll get started on the coat...