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Mystery stole, part V

Finally, a picture of all my hard work! I finished clue 2 today and pinned down the stole on the bed. Wow... Impressed...
Time for apple pie, and clue 3!

Mystery stole, part IV

O my, this is getting so addictive... I'm halfway chart C (clue 2) and am desperately trying to avoid pictures on the Net to see how it's turning out, as I'm still a bit behind the rest of the 'gang'. I love my yarn, nice and shiny and not too thin, quick knit (whenever I find the time...) and great texture...

Hopefully I'll have it done tonight and then tomorrow I'll pin it to the bed and take a picture. *proud*

Mystery stole, part III

Couldn't help myself. Sat knitting into the wee hours, but I've got chart A done! After the first swatch, I changed to needles 3.5 and that was perfect. As I expected, there is NO WAY I can get the beads onto the yarn, so this stole will be beadless. Ach well, makes the knitting so much faster... Tonight on with chart B and hopefully a nice picture by the weekend! Then, and only then, am I 'allowed' to download the next part... Oh, I'm so hard on myself :-)

Mystery stole, part II

On the way back from the bead store, having bought two tubes of beads cause I couldn't make up my mind, I decided not to use any beads. I realised that my yarn is very probably (no, surely!) too thick to put beads on, but hey, they are nice beads and I can always do something creative with them. I might still change my mind, I'll see tomorrow if I can actually feed them onto the yarn (that tip about binliner ties, good one!).
Busy though tomorrow (accountant is coming to visit, hooray), and I'm also busy brainstorming about the IPT book with my friend C.W. And of course, I need to work, and look after two kids (hopefully the weather will be nice again, I'm all for that playing outside thing). And do the house work... But somewhere between half 10 and half 11, I should be able to squeeze some knitting in ;-)))

Mystery stole, part I

I've started swatching, yes... How exciting! I decided, after a cup of coffee and a chat with Renske and some fondling of wool :-), not to go for laceweight, but to make a stole with a bit more 'bite' from black cotton viscose by Drops. Georgeous, shiny, jummy! Unfortunately, baby S had a fever yesterday and his teeth were really bothering him, so instead of finishing my swatch, I sat on the sofa cuddling a baby (which is also nice...), watching more babies being born on the BBC's 'Fight for life'. Fascinating! Then you realise all the things that can go wrong at birth, brrr...
Sam is fine now, this afternoon we're going to the baby centre to have him weighed and measured (and he's getting a shot as well, I think...) and then it's off to get the proper beads for the stole. I now know which ones I want, so we should be able to find them...
Wish me luck! Piccies on later...


Inspired by another great SnB evening with the gals, I've FINISHED the lace cap for my friend Cee. Yeah! I had already finished the knee socks for wee H and started baby socks for S with the rest of the wool. Sooooo, to treat myself, I've signed up to this! Two of the members of our SnB group had already started the first bit of the mystery stole and it looks so cool that I'm going to give it a go! Now it's to decide what and how... I'm very probably gonna make it in black. I know, a difficult colour, especially for lace knitting. But I do consider myself an experienced lace knitter (at least in socks, haha), so that shouldn't be the problem. When I've ended up with 2 meters worth (?) of stitches, you can come and laugh me in the face.
So, where to buy black laceweight? Time to give my friend Renske from De Hobbydoos a ring...

Pictures of the FO's tomorrow, it's a bit late and dark (yawn)..

Big plans

Even though I'm still working on my Magic Socks, and have work piling up high (o my, is that a reminder in the post??? oops), I did get itchy fingers last week when I went to the market. I got a few nice fabrics to make skirts, tops, dresses for Hannah. Whether it's going to be this year or next... well, that's everybody's guess! Haha...

And here the first finished sock!