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Meeting the likeminded folk - Vergaderen Plus

Whenever I tell people that one of my hobbies is spinning, I often have to clarify that this does NOT involve a gym, or a bike. Last weekend, no explanation and clarification was necessary, because we were here. Tadaaa... See, chair on the left, that's mine...
Als ik mensen vertel dat spinnen een van mijn hobby's is, moet ik vaak uitleggen dat ik daar NIET voor naar de sportschool hoef en dat ik ook niet op een fiets zit. Afgelopen weekend hoefde ik niets uit te leggen, want we waren hier. Tadaaa. Zie, die stoel helemaal links? Die's van mij.

With four amazing women, I'm on the board of the National Spinning Group. We spin, spin and spin some more. We chat, laugh, shed a tear and share everything from apple pie recipes to life stories. It's amazing. Not just with the board, though. I have my own spinning groupies in Fryslan, and in October there will be over 200 of us in one room again. Can't wait!
Met nog vier fantastische vrouwen zit ik in het bestuur van de La…

More visible mending

The fan-dom of visible mending continues... There's always stuff to mend here, often more than once. Whether it's trousers with knees scraped for the fifth time, socks that need a hole filled, again, or my mittens, which have been getting so much use during my daily bike rides to work that the thumbs had gone, again. A number of my Facebook-friends, and a few other people I follow via the sideline, have been posting their pics of visible and also invisible mending and various 'Make and Mend'-projects that have been organized. Great fun to see what other people are up to, and also very inspiring!
Ik ben nog steeds een grote fan van 'zichtbaar repareren'. Er is hier altijd genoeg te maken en repareren, meestal meerdere keren... Of het nu een broek is waar voor de vijfde keer een knie uit is, sokken waar weer gaten in zitten of mijn wanten, die intensief worden gebruikt tijdens mijn dagelijkse fietstocht naar het werk, en waar wéér een duim van open is. Een aantal…

Six - oh wait, seven months later...

Life sometimes takes over. And because of all that living we did, the blogging moved into the background a bit. A lot!
Since the last post, we had the National Spinning Weekend in October, several cool and interesting craft shows, Xmas knitting, lots of food, an operation, birthdays, an office move and lots of work. And not enough hours in the day to do it all!
Around Christmas, I had my Amigurumi phase... After an accidental visit to Haak Smakelijk, leaving with lots of cotton and the Winter Wonderland book, there was no stopping me!

I crocheted Xmas hangers and decorations for around the house, and a Batman for Sinterklaas (a blue and grey one has been ordered by the recipient...).
And then I stopped crocheting as suddenly as I started :)

On a whim, I knit a massive Xmas jumper for Mermaid which she'll probably still be able to fit in 5 years' time... With lots of Rudolphs and red noses - in 1 day!

I fixed socks, pants, mittens and lots of other things with holes. Preferabl…