Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Off to Donegal

With a bloke with a cool scarf. If he loses it, he's a dead man... ;)

We're so looking forward to this trip, and are even more excited about coming back. It is freezing here, and will do for at least another week. The word 'Elfstedentocht' creeps up in conversations everywhere, the local radio station has already dusted off their scenarios, and we're making arrangements to fit as many mattresses on our living room floor...
See you next week, in 2009!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ah, the link...

which did not work...

My user name there is A. Moss. No idea how you can search on that, but hey... If you look for Twilight 2000 and then check other ads, you get the full list!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Clearing out for Xmas

To be able to afford a great trip to Norn Iron in 2 weeks time, we decided to clear out the attic. And yes, it is also nice that in the process, we are reclaiming space in our cupboards, getting rid of cupboards, and creating more space to play and just relax. So, to advertise our 'stuff', here's a link to our ads! If you like Warhammer novels or are into Marillion, like manga drawing or Babylon 5: HERE'S YOUR CHANCE!!! Remember, there is more to come, so just put it in your Favourites, and check back again tomorrow, on Monday and again and again!!!

Our ads! Come and see it here!

I know, nothing knitting-related. You weren't really expecting me to be selling any of MY stuff? Come on now... :)

And just to stick another feather up in my arse: my snowflakes were selected as pictures for the pattern on Ravelry! Isn't that cool! See them here. You have to be a member, but if you scroll down, you can see pictures as well. Ravelry used the finished one, with red ribbons on them for all 4 (I did not use that picture here...)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Quick cable bib

I was looking around for a quick and small baby gift, and saw this cool bib with cables. After looking at it, I forgot about it until yesterday, then knit it by heart, so it looks a bit different ;)
Made from very soft baby yarn, 100% acrylic, Populair Colori by Beijer, double stranded, on number 5 needles.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

My rainbow

Not really surprising for me, but I'm a person on the darker side of the rainbow...
Your rainbow is intensely shaded brown, blue, and indigo.


What is says about you: You are a proud person. You appreciate the roughness of nature. You feel closer to people when you understand their imperfections. You share hobbies with friends and like trying to fit into their routines.

Find the colors of your rainbow at spacefem.com.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Argyle 'n socks

When she asked me if I had the pattern book with Uncle Argyle in it, I also thought: I should knit that! So, I dug out my cream and brown yarns (nice acrylics, baby soft) and got stuck in. The first few rows were quite a chore, but now I've got the technique down to a T and the pattern in my head. Still not too happy about the end stitches, but hey, can't have it all...
And I started these, Hourglass from Knitty, for myself, with the Malabrigo sock yarn, Stonechat, I got from her.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Snowflakes in my tree...

And in Puk's tree, too! She was my christmas ornament swap partner (well, she put a call out on her blog, and I thought it was a great idea, so replied...) and while she made me a lovely heart to go in my tree (picture will follow, I've temporarily displaced my camera, lol), I made here a few snowflakes. I fell in love with these the minute I saw them on Ravelry and made 4 for Puk and 2 for myself. More to follow, but, as usual, I've so much going on (work, the need to keep my weight stable by Wii-ing A LOT at night - darn all that lovely winter food..., kids that refuse to let me work/knit/crochet/do anything, and three other projects that want my urgent attention) that I've not finished as many as I wanted...
A quick project recap! First, I crocheted these lovely snowflakes, designed by Sally George, and then submerged them in my sugary water. Just a few tablespoons and a cup of hot water.
Let them soak for a bit, pin them out (blocking for crochet, lol) on a few big cork potholders (MAKE SURE TO PUT SOME BAKING/GREASEPROOF PAPER UNDERNEATH if you want to keep them white ;) ) and let them dry out on the radiator (or just as is, but that will take a while longer).
Then I sewed on some red ribbon to hang them up and voila...

Friday, December 12, 2008

For a special wee boy...

My friend Mascha gave birth to her second baby boy, Jayden, two weeks ago and this morning wee S and I went over to have a look. How cute!!! Soooo smalll... For his tiny feet, I made these...
Made from some left-over sock yarn and 4 cute heart buttons bought in Rotterdam...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Knitty

And how come I didn't get an e-mail about the new Knitty?? How long has this been online???
I just love that Tushy Cushy, such a shame I'm going to visit my girlfriend and her newborn baby tomorrow morning - that will never happen... ;) And what about Gwynedd? A good contender for a nice hubby Xmas present, me thinks...
As I've decided not to knit a scarf to go with my mittens, but do want something warm around my neck, Poinsettia is an option, although it's lace instead of stranded knitting... dilemma...
Right, time to make some rice pancakes...

Christmas is coming...

A little peek for my ornament swap pal...

Thursday, December 4, 2008

O is for Ober

Last night at SnB, we presented our knitted present for our favorite Cow (nameless and blogless), who always stands outside the café where we knit. She was a bit 'bare' and we decided she needed a scarf for winter. All of us knit a bit and it turned out to be a brilliant scarf in the end! The waiter was pleasantly surprised, sniffled his way through the poem that went with it and then also received four chocolate letters (O for Ober = Waiter in Dutch) for himself and his colleagues.
I bet his usual customers don't do this... lol
We had great fun knitting, composing the poem and of course sharing this super secret. Girls, I really enjoyed myself yesterday! See you next time!
The waiter, flabbergasted...
The cow proudly wearing her rainbow scarf

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Two nights' work

And another hat done. Nice and big... Hubbie calls it a bit girly, but I don't think it is. It's just nice and big ;) Made out of dark brown soft acrylic yarn and a lighter brown cotton/silky blend yarn (label-less from that huge stash of mine).
Thanks for the sympathies and all the comments that my stash isn't big at all. ;)

Wee H also needed help from daddy yesterday. Not to model a hat, but to pull out her second loose tooth, which was getting in the way and a real pain in the a... when trying to eat something. See that big-person-tooth popping up on the right? Honestly, where did my little girl go???

And a little peek of my sweater project for Sam, made out of yarn donated by blogless Marijke (yes, the one from the spinning class - too generous for her own good, that woman!!!):