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Mystic Light KAL, clue 1

And here it is!

Spring starts... finally!

It's Spring! Finally! Today, I managed to wash and dry three loads of laundry, while the fourth is drying inside and the fifth is in the machine. I think I've finally caught up with the backlog, pfff. I really enjoyed the sunshine and the breeze, as did the rabbits, who were allowed out their hutches, finally! I did almost have to wear my wellies, because sun does not equal a dry garden. Our lawn is soaking wet, and it will take a few more dry days to make it playable for the kids...
We also managed to hang up loads of pictures (finally), hung up the Roman blinds (finally) and cleared out the pantry (again, finally). Before we went shopping this morning, we delivered a load of stuff to the Recycle Center, and some stuff has also gone onto the Internet to be sold. It's so nice to have the Saturday to do stuff like this.

Anyway, I digress. I've made a start with Mystic Light, the KAL. I decided to knit this triangular scarf in cotton, even though I had planned to go for A…

Wet monkeys

What happens when you put your Araucania monkeys in the washing machine? Hmm, you guessed it, you need to chop off half your feet to fit in them...

:( Not happy. Please remind me only to knit socks from superwash from now on... :(

On a happier note: Happy Easter! We went to church this morning and then went to my mother for a big family meal. It was great. Wee S was asleep in the car within 2 minutes, despite the huge snow storm. After only a few miles all the snow was gone, just a drizzle left. So no snow men to be made here, I'm afraid... But you never know, maybe we'll get a snow shower later on.

I started Isabella and made some baby thingies, but have told myself that I really, really, really have to get Jeanie finished... We're going to do some reorganising in the attic tonight (after 4.5 hours big S finally got a set of IKEA Gorm shelves together, LOL, you will understand why I stayed out of his way and just laughed when I show you how big they are... Men and DIY...), a…

Wee Angels

I adjusted the pattern for Charli's Angels to fit a 5-year-old, and they were done within 3 days. Just as well, cause I've got a few little knits to do for 3 pregnant friends of mine. I searched for a cool project for a while, but found it now. Pictures will be up whenever they're done and sent off...

But here are my wee angel's Angels:

Pattern: Charli's Angels, Yahoo group Sokken Breien, designed by YvonneP
Needles: 2.5 mm Circs
Yarn: Pink multicoloured Fabel, Drops


When the woman sitting next to you at the pool looks at the socks you're knitting, then at you and says that she's knit a sweater from dog hair, what do you do? You run into the hair dresser's at the first opportunity and make an appointment... Pfff, another crisis averted... Now, not that I looked like a poodle, but boy, it did need some attention. Even the hairdresser noticed it was extremely dry, not to speak of my scalp, which needs some expert shampoo (mmmm... gulp), because I was showing signs of strangulation. Well, not me, but my scalp. As you can see, I have a HUGE head of hair, thanks to two very hairy parents, and it does get a bit heavy after a while...

Charli's Angels are finished! Such a quick and fun knit for a 5-year-old. Pictures later...

Monkeys done

Yeah, I finished my Monkeys! They are soooo cool! I just love the Araucania yarn, nice and soft and really suitable for nasty March weather. I can just hug these all day! I had nearly finished them, so brought them along when I went to see my sister yesterday, which got me some frowns as a result, but hey, I can knit and talk at the same time. And pull my son out of the bin, where he went digging for an old, discarded cookie (get it? ;), well actually it was a wee cake...)

Pattern: Monkey, Cookie A.
Yarn: Araucania Ranco Solid, greenish blue
Needles: 2.5 mm, metal circs

And because having just 2 projects on the needles is not enough, I started Charli's Angels, designed for the Yahoo Sock Knitting Group. In pink of course, cheap Fabel, for wee H. After some adjustments (64 down to 48 stitches, pattern over 12 instead of 16) and finishing the short-row heel, it now looks like this:

And how's my 10 going? Quite well to be honest!
1. A pink bra. CHECK! Fixed and wearing it right now. W…

On the air

I thought we had to wait until Sunday, but we're on the Internet already! Omrop Fryslan: Buro de Vries Select the item 'Sokken breidzje' and listen away. Isn't our Frisian language beautiful? You can here me around 2:05 and 3:51.


Inspired by Robyn, I am going to slow down this month. The fact that we saved 140 Euros on fixing the dish washer thanks to a nice mechanic (we were 2 weeks over the 2 year guarantee, but who knows what it was, my red eye or my short skirt? no need to pay!) made me think about how much money goes out here every month. It is quite shocking. And I don't mean just on knitting, no on everything (yarn is actually one of the things I do not spend that much money on, to be honest, really... personally, I think it is disgraceful how much money we spend a month just on insurance - house, income, healthcare, car, travel, 3rd party, bla bla).
So, I also went round the house hunting for 10 things I bought/received last year (yes, that's 2007) and never got around using. Some stand for multiple items, and this is only a small selection. I was actually quite shocked!

1. A pink bra. Yes. I bought two (the other one was grey) and have not yet worn this one. The reason is that the strap was not…

My left eye

Ouch, that hurts. Since two days, I've had a wee eye infection. Nothing to worry about, but it does mean wearing lenses is a bit of a no-go and because my glasses are gazillions of years old and are not the right strength, everything around me looks a bit blurry. And yes, my dad is the milkman. Haha, that's what they say here if your eyes have a bit of a different colour in it. Both my parents have/had blue/green eyes, so who knows where that bit of brown came from...
Despite this, I did manage to get stuck into my Jacobeans for the SKP 2008 and finished them last night. Hooray! I also finished my sideways socks. Hooray! They did end up being a tad too big, but I got a great tip from Simone to just wash them in the machine and felt them a bit. It is BFL, so I guess it will work (I can hear Yvon gasp on the other side of the country. Breathe, girl... I won't do it again, I'll measure PROPERLY next time, promise!).

Pattern: Jacobean, Sock Knitting Pentathlon 2008, sock nr.…