Tuesday, October 30, 2007

She's gottum!

My victim in the Sock Wars has finally received my socks... Her message from this morning:

The socks you made me arrived today and they are PERFECT! They are beautiful - your stitches are so consistent, and your tension is just lovely.
They fit me like a dream. They are so comfy. I haven't taken them off yet!

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

And here are her feet in all their glory, with MY socks on them. Coooollll...

Now we have to figure out where SHE sends her socks to. Will all assassins before me drop me a bell?

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Baby stuff

One of my best mates Daniella has just given birth to a boy, Rogier, a 'wee' brother for her 1-year-old son Jasper. Wee is not really the best word: he weighed in at 10 (British) pounds and is 55 cms long. A bigun!

I also received a picture of Marit and my bib. Marit is the daughter of another friend of mine and was born 2 months ago. We compiled a box with nice presents for 'mommy' and I embroidered a bib with the text: 'Vrienzinnen, ik lust ze rauw!' (Friends from Friesland, I eat them raw!). Cooooolll!

I'm already thinking about a nice wee present for Rogier... Watch this space (me happy bunny... despite the anaesthetic still numbing my cheek after a trip to the dentist...)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I do more than knit

I sew too! As I'm a firm believer of infant potty training (if only wee S would like it as much as me, haha), I've converted some kiddy hoses (boy colours, don't worry) into crotchless hoses, perfect for wearing around the house now the weather is getting a bit colder. More pictures here: Going Potty

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Socks are off to Canada

My socks are done and off to Canada... They fit me perfectly, and hopefully they will fit Michelle too, as she is exactly my size. Enjoy them girl! I think they should be with you early next week!

All wrapped up...

Monday, October 15, 2007

Wounded warrior...

And of course, disaster struck a few hours after Sock Wars started... Wee S had already been suffering from a 'bit' of a stomach bug, and managed to infect all of us. All - of - us. So the entire Moss family was out for the count almost the entire weekend, I didn't even want to knit... With the few bits of energy left I did manage to finish sock 1 last night and I now feel much better, so I'm going to quickly continue with nr. 2. Unfortunately, my assassin lives 'down the road' (i.e. in the same country, and I'm dreading the knock on the door later today when the postman is going to bring me my socks...). Jose, I hope you found out my address, haha... You weren't really expecting me to hand it to you on a silver platter, did you now... ;-)

Shugahface: this is what you'll be getting sometime soon... I'm knitting these beauties in Steinbach Wolle, type Eroica, 45% wool, 55% polyacryl. It's a mix of pink, purple and charcoal grey, a bit darker than on the picture. The pattern comes out really nice. It's super quick to knit. I am SO switching to DK weight :-))). I bet my better half will like these type of socks as well, so I'm going to get some more of it and knit him some... in size 46! Luckily my victim is the same size as me, and I've tried them on, perfect fit!

And a little close-up. You can see the 'scar' pattern on them better here... And, o yeah, can you see the slightly bent needle in the top picture??? The first real victim of this war...

Thursday, October 11, 2007


And here she is, our prima Ballerina, called 'Willemijntje'. She still has to get matching eyes (oops, it was a bit dark, so I gave her one blue eye and one brown eye, haha), but she'll be the perfect gift for Joshja from next door, who's turning 2 on Saturday!

And here the problem with my vintage sock... Somewhere in the middle I have to move stitches from the 'back' of the needle to the 'front, which of course is impossible without moving part of them to a second needle. I'll dig out a few dpns tonight and sort the problem.... As you can see, I'm just knitting them with plain green Fortissima Socka...

I also recovered some lost 'stash'. I just knew I had bought some more wool, but just couldn't find it anywhere and while clearing out the cupboard under the stairs and moving all my sewing stuff around, guess what I found... :-)))

In the meantime I've hung all the curtains up in the house (as if the builders hadn't finished over a MONTH ago, haha...), apart from in the kitchen, as I wasn't happy with the way those turned out and I'm either going to hang some organza or I'm going to knit those amazing curtains I saw in a magazine (Rowan 42, I think it was) at a SnB many moons ago...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Knitting two socks on one circular needle....

...can be a pain in the butt if you've devided the stitches the wrong way and have to fiddle with it to get the k2tog's en ssk's to work as they should... However, I've already got the pattern for the Child's French Socks in my head, so it should go fast as soon as I've redistributed the stitches...

Also, Ballerina is crocheted! Now I have to put her together and give her a face and hair. Should definitely be ready for Saturday! I'll take some pictures tonight. Last night I was working until 11 to get some translations done. Bummer. Ach well, it pays the mortgage ;-)

Monday, October 8, 2007


Can someone please give me a kick up the backside and tell me to finish Ballerina before starting on fifty thousand new projects? It needs to be finished before Saturday 10 AM...
Yesterday, I cast on for the Vintage Sock KAL. I decided to use green Fortissima Socka and make the mini version as I've only got one ball. I'm knitting them for wee H, and because I've only got one size 2.5 circs, I put the other pink socks on hold. Something good comes out of this, haha...

Today, baby S turned into wee S. Such a big boy he already is! I already stopped seeing him as a baby two months ago when he started walking and spreading his mischief around a larger area, but still, a milestone nonetheless... Some piccies of last year and now: http://babylonia.nl/hannahs_diary/weblog.php. Can you imagine I pooped that one out in the middle of the night in about 40 minutes and without a midwife? Luckily big S was there to catch him! Unfortunately I haven't been knitting a lot for him, because I've been so deadly busy and inspiration for boys' things hasn't really hit me yet, but I'm going to make up for that next year! I had some knits from when wee H was a lot wee-er and have to admit she hardly wore then and now baby S hardly did... She only got to wear knits when she got a bit older and 'needed' them outdoors...

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Secret no more...

The first hint of the Secret of the Stole has been given. I haven't cast on yet (sorry...), cause I haven't found the right yarn yet. I'm rummaging around on the Internet, and hope to find and order some this weekend... It looks great though!!!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Stash it!

While hubby is watching a concert by H (Marillion) on Second Life (yeah... I know... weird...), I decided to make myself some cafe choco, slice off some filled speculaas (Dutch winter delicacy, yum yum), and take some photos of my newly acquired stash. It's becoming quite a 'stash', and I've confiscated the shoe trunk for all my stuff, as just the drawers I got two months ago aren't big enough anymore :-)
I got some cool yarn for the Sock Wars (yes!!! Ammo in da house!), some yarn for boy scarves and hats (which I should really get started on, but the weather is still too nice...), and some softies for winter stuff for wee H.

The reason I went to the LYS 'P', was to get yarn for the mitten exchange. Guess what I forgot to buy. I know. Disgraceful... This means I'll have to go back some time this week to get it anyway. The LYS 'P' is closing down, and I've only a few more weeks... It looks quite impressive this mountain of wool in front of my PC... I added them to my Stash list on Ravelry as well. Guess I'm weird too ;-)

O yeah, and here a quick look at my pink mittens. A better picture and a piccie of the Mimosa will follow soon. I'm not very good at juggling a camera between my chin and boobs...:

Monday, October 1, 2007

yes, affo!

I finally decided to produce some 'affo's', as us Dutchies affectionately call FO's, as I could hardly show up on Wednesday's SnB without my Mimosa and Acorn mitts... I will take a picture later today, loads of appointments and I think big S filled the camera's memory with pictures of baby S (soon to be wee S) in the swimming pool this morning.
So... be patient! I love the way my Mimosa came out! I did have to improvise the bind-off as I ran out of yarn. I did half of it 'properly' and then when from the other site backwards (I love circular needles...). You don't really see the difference, so I'm not too bovvered... The mitts are nice and long, ideal for on the bike or when pushing the pram this winter...

I have also booked a ticket for the SnB event in Rotterdam on November 3rd and booked myself into Yvon's class on sideways sock knitting. I've seen it before and it looks intruiging!

Only on my shopping list: yarn for the Secret of the Stole. This time not in pink, but in grey. I saw a grey swatch and was s(t)oled immediately... First clue/hint is posted on Friday, so I've checked with my local LYS if she has anything suitable. Don't really want to wait until the SnB day...

And I've been enjoying DE's coffee/chocolate Senseo's. Oh, another addiction... Friesland Foods is apparently coming out with pure chocolate pads, but as I couldn't find these in the shops, I settled for the combi ones. Yum.

Yum yum yum...