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... and done!

And then all of a sudden, I'm on a roll and two WIPs are quickly turned into FOs...
I am very proud of my Blushes... The heart pattern comes out beautifully, especially on wide feet like mine ;) I sort of didn't check the pattern at all apart from using the heart chart, so no idea if there were any weirdities in the pattern...
I used Jenny's incredibly stretchy bind-off to bind off. And guess what, incredibly stretchy... I only made one difference in not making a difference between the yo for the knit and purl stitches. It just looked nicer to me this way. And they fit around by Frisian calves!
Pattern: Blush, by Aliyya Behles
Yarn: Brown Sugar, by Dutch Wool Diva
Needles: Addi 2.5 mm circulars

And the silk mittens are done!
The second one knit up way easier than the first one, mostly because I drew the silk more evenly, and you do get used to knitting with silk. Beware of garden hands though!!! Silk manages to find any hook or loose piece of skin anywhere, and also likes to …

In progress...

Nothing finished to show yet, as I'm suffering from severe startitis, gardenitis and workoverloaditis, but I am still plodding along at a few things...
The hankies are being torn apart and turned into fingerless mittens, to wear while working on the computer (not necessary now, as the weather is glo-ri-ous, and the garden office season has already been officially opened and celebrated with its first office barbecue).
The merino and silk blend has been spun up and partially plied. The 2-ply and singles will be knitted up into a Citron, probably... And my Blush socks are now at their final pattern repeat. Cuff, here I come... But first, I'm going to retire to my office again... Note the arty piece of driftwood we found last weekend on the beach. Apparently, it's a Star Wars gun. ;)


London has I Knit, New York (State) has Rhinebeck, and now Nieuwegein has Breidag. This two-day festival celebrating yarn and fiber crafting - held today and tomorrow - is new, funky and cool! I went today and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I did have quite a strict schedule, and was still on a yarn diet, but that didn't mean I couldn't have some fun!
The fun started a few days ago on Ravelry, when a certain Mrs. Merina Zwartehamel sent e-mails to people who were going to attend today, promising them a try of her Black Angora Gold, if they would bleat at her as a secret message. Immediately, the talk started on the forum: who was this mystery woman? What was this magic Black Gold she was talking about? Today it all came out: this was our Mrs. Zwartehamel, alias Snorrepot, alias Anna, who was handing out black liquorice (goat's) drop(ping)s for everyone to enjoy. Great fun! (Remember what date it is today?)
Then it was time for me to act as SnB rep and pattern doctor. I got pres…