Friday, September 24, 2010

Today I saw...

A boy who can draw. He was never interested in drawing. The best we could get out of him was scratches all over a piece of paper. And then all of a sudden, it clicked, and we were treated to this.
Drawing number 1, still a bit tentative, but definitely a Batman with long wings/arms and two ears:
And then the floodgates opened, here is granny, sporting here new post-chemo short cropped hair (which, according to our wee man, should be red, but is now grey):
A turtle:
And then a picture of one of his daycare teachers who is leaving, with himself (I asked him why he only drew one eye, and he explained he drew himself in profile - 'I am drawing myself like this [he turned sideways], that is why there is only one eye') holding her hand. And of course a bright yellow sun:

Our little budding artist... Just in time for school!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bye bye stash....

I have sooo much, and the school was in dire need of more yarn... So, this morning, this left our house. A whole box full of yarn, acrylics, ribbon yarn, wool, all different colours, and lots of needles! Kids, enjoy!!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Some cuddly toys for cuddly babies...

Today, two little cuddlies went to their new home. Two little cuddlies I had been knitting for the last week or so. One of them had been in my queue for a while, and the other one I saw when it came out in Knitty and instantly fell in love with. They had to be sort of very special, as my group of friends has about finished with the whole baby thing - even though you wouldn't think so, with 8 babies being born over the last year!
It was great to see this little bugger being unwrapped and marvelled at - especially when the mommy found out the little man can be taken out of her shell...
Pattern: Sheldon
Yarn: Durable breikatoen nr. 8, gifted
Needles: 2.75 mm
Alterations: instead of i-cord, I crocheted around the shell, as it was a bit quicker.

Meet Pinky Sheldon, now proudly owned by Mayte, a wee girl with two big brothers who will need all the turtle power she can get to help her mommy keep the pink spirit alive!

The other little darling was a bit bigger, well, almost twice the size of Sheldon. Meet Flo:
Pattern: Flo
Yarn: a mix of some homespun red wool and cream sock yarn
Needles: 3.5 mm
Alterations: none, but I left out the embellishments around the ears and feet

Flo went to wee Yvonne, the smallest of three princesses, whose sleeping beauty's castle will from now be guarded by a big, scary (but soft and cuddly) elephant...

Two moms ordered a Sheldon, and one other mom and our Sam requested an elephant. Grey, of course. Or black and yellow, like Batman...

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


On the last day of August, I finally finished Haruni. The Haruni I thought I'd finished on the way back home in the train. And who thought that that frumpy bit of yarn would turn out so nice after blocking! After frogging back to chart A, I decided to add an extra repeat, because I wanted it a bit bigger than it was when I first finished it. The second time round the change-over to chart B was much easier.
I really enjoyed knitting this shawl and especially because I had the pattern on the eReader we had on loan from the library. I just finished it in time, as the eReader has to be returned on Friday ;) Guess what will be on my Xmas list...

I'm not a 'hard blocker', and noticed that trying to block such a large shawl on a lits-jumeaux is a nightmare... There's that massive gap in the middle, where you can't stick pins. Problem! Have to think about how to do that next time...
So, lightly blocked, not with all the crochet loops pinned down (that would have taken forever...), here's my pink Haruni!
It's light, it's lovely, me like!

Yarn: Manos del Uruguay Lace, purchased at Wereldwol, just over a skein. With the number of repeats in the pattern, it would have been less than a skein.
Needles: 3.5 mm Knitpro circs
Pattern: Haruni, by Emily Ross
Changes: added an extra repeat on chart A. Used the crochet bind-off