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Decision has been made. I'm going to the Handwerkbeurs on Saturday, taking wee H. Time to introduce her to some hardcore crafting... ;)

Oh, dinner was lovely, very romantic... We went to El Pacho, a nice (though franchise) Mexican Argentinian restaurant. Had fish and a nice dessert with honey and walnuts. Yum... Will walk an extra lap tomorrow ;)

To top it off we're watching Superman, so I'll leave you for now...

Fashionable bum

Our son has a fashionable bum. Not only does he have diapers in all types of materials, with sheep, frogs, Bob the Builder and other fun pictures, but he has been known to sport a Superman diaper, and now is the proud owner of two more jungle diapers ;)
I bought a fleece from the Action some time ago and have made quite a few bum huggers from it (and there is room for some more). On the inside more fleece, nice dark blue thicker fleece, and a few separate inlays from fleece as well. Definitely my material of choice these days. Easy to wash, quick to dry and very absorbent.
I also made some diaper covers, from the remainder of the PUL fabric I had. Unfortunately I did not have enough elastic band (?? how did that happen? O yeah, he's grown, so I need more per cover, duh...), so I substituted it by some tartan ribbon where it did not need to be elasticated.

And here the stripey socks for Hannah, as promised...

As I had the sowing machine out, I also shortened some black trousers, w…

By The Way...

My way of saying I'm doing my VAT... In Dutch, it's called BTW (Belasting Toegevoegde Waarde), but it really is a bit of a 'oh, by the way...' here. I always seem to be doing it at the last minute... Because it means a night no knitting, tv-ing, sowing, sitting on my arse doing f* all. And that's exactly what I want to do right now, f* all. Excuse my lingo, but I'm a bit out of sorts. Someone close to me just heard that she and her husband have an almost 0% chance of conceiving naturally. Broke my heart. There's me with 2 healthy kids. B*. Okay, they can be a pain in the a*, but still, I have them, they're healthy, they're cute, they're mine. So, I'm in a f* foul mood. Not a good idea to do your tax papers when you're in that mood. But, needs must... Plus I have an appointment myself for the GP tomorrow, to get my coil removed. It was not working for me. Give me a list of side effects hormones in a coil can give you and I had them. Bad. …

The Ultimate Gift

Once in a while you find something you don't really know you're looking for... I was drawn to the Knitting Daily free pattern section today, for unknown reasons and there I saw this:
The Ultimate gift. Although in jest, big S had been hassling me for a sweater, and bingo! I found it! I knit him a proper Aran in the early days of our 'courtship', some 10 years ago, and he still treasures that sweater. He's looked after it better than his shoes, which says a lot. So I guess he deserves a nice new one. At least I now have something in mind when I go yarn shopping in Zwolle in two weeks time. Eeeeeks! Two weeks! Still don't know whether I'll go on the Friday or Saturday... But first, plan what yarn I'm going to use for it. It calls for Filatura di Crosa/Stacey Charles Cashmere, which I've never heard of. I'll have a look around for a nice substitute cashmere-y yarn with the same guage (141m/50g). Fellow knitters, any idea?

And I also like the Norwegi…

Starting the new year

Inspiration has left me a bit. After returning back to work this (i.e. last) week, I was inundated with 'small' jobs. I had the misfortune that an editing job got stuck in the post, and with the holidays this meant I missed 4 days in which I could have worked on it, meaning I was glued to me seat all weekend and during the evenings. Very frustrating, no time for knitting... Now, I'm nearly back to normal. Still knitting on Jeanie, on the Fruit Basket socks for the KAL and some socks for Hannah. First get these done, then time for something new. Hopefully some pictures of FO's soon!

Did I mention I also have to do the tax returns this month? Sigh...

Oh, and we're on a diet... Wish us luck, we need it!

Mirror socks

On the verge of 2007/2008, I decided to knit the Spiegelsokken from the sock knitting group on Yahoo. They knit up like a dream, so fast! I finished them around 11 PM on New Year's Eve, so just in time. I did not make any alterations. Yarn used was Fortissima Socka in PINK (as if I would ever TRY another colour ;)).
On New Year's Day, I had a ticket for a game show and as we had a long drive ahead of us from Leeuwarden to Aalsmeer, I quickly jotted down the pattern for the next KAL, the Fruit Basket, and altered that to 80 stitches to fit big S. I actually got about 10 cms done that day, so he'll have to try them on soon for circumference to see if they're not too big... I didn't win anything in the show, but like all the contestants who bothered to turn up on New Year's Day, I went home with a nice Sony DVD Camcorder. Not bad, hey???
And today, at the SnB night, I won a free ticket to the Handwerkbeurs in Zwolle next month, courtesy of Angelique from Wolhemel.…