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Christmas knitting

Hope you all had a great Xmas. It was all nice and cosy here, and I got lots of knitting done in between coffee, cake, dinner and wine. Here some pictures of my progress over the holidays.
First, I decided to finally use up those balls of wool which Lucie sent me for the last magic ball exchange and which had been calling to me from my yarn drawer. A lovely handspun (and hand-dyed?) yarn with charcoal, green and blue, which within a few hours became this (tea light for size reference):
Our littlest one now has 'grown-up' socks as well! I think they look ever so cute. Whenever he is wearing them, he walks very carefully, because mama-knit does feel a bit different on your footsies than socks from the shop. Here they are in action, took me quite a few attempts to get a few good shots of socks on feet in shoes (and don't worry, no kids were harmed in the making of this photo, I had him on my lap, with his feet on the table, took a picture and upside-downed it...):

I also finishe…


What does a knitter say when she puts the first sock on the scales = 59 grams. And then puts the remainder of the yarn on the scales = 52 grams?

Well, let's say it doesn't rhyme with Christmas. Although a few words from the Pogues' song might apply.


Frogged back up past the heel, minus 1 repeat on the leg and onwards we go with the Vintage Sock... I've got the pattern in my head now, so the socks should be finished this weekend...

Snow makes the post go faster

Wow, that was fast! Just when we were finishing up dinner, a nice lady rang the doorbell. No, no collection box for this or that charity, but a package! For me! With socks! Wow, thanks Becky!

This is what I got from my Nancy Bush Sock Exchange pal:

Don't they look great? And they fit nice too, look: Apart from my socks, in the Shell pattern, a nice warm pink, I also got lovely Dove chocolates with caramel (hmmm, bag is nearly empty), some Lubriderm skin cream with shea and cocoa butter (yum, but not for eating) and three Brittany cable needles. Now I have to find an outfit to go with my new socks tomorrow...

Thanks again, Becky!

Pink Wars

What do you do when you've knit your daughter a bolero from the leftovers of your sweater, so that you have matching outfits, she totally thinks it's cool, and then when she tries it on, she doesn't like it, because:

A - It's not pink
B - It doesn't have any frilly bits
C - It's not pink


You make her wear it for 2 minutes and take a picture for posterity, then promise her to go to the Zeeman (to get the cheap-ass pink frilly yarn she likes) and knit her a bolero that does comply with her standards. Girls...

On the other knitting front(s): swatched 3 types of yarn for Jeannie, totally confused, will try one more and then block and compare. Have to get on with the socks for the Nancy Bush exchange, or I'm in danger of a whipping. My socks are already in the post (snow forbidding), so I'd better 'get my socks on'...

The Austermann (left) and the Malabrigo lace weigth (right)

Lost sweater done!

Well, I didn't lose it, but I did finish it! Last night at SnB I started weaving in the ends and I was finished at about 1-ish. Result: we overslept this morning and had to rush the kids to school and kindergarten ;)
I'm very pleased with the result. I did have to jiggy the pattern a bit, I started with L and needles 7, ended up knitting it as an M with needles 6. See, I ain't fat! I also made the body a bit shorting, just coming over my hips now, as I'm only a tiny midget compared to the lovely model on the Garnstudio site. ;0
Excuse the flash-o effect on my tits, they have that effect on men (one of whom took the photograph).

Onwards and upwards! The rest of the yarn will be used for titbits, haha, no really, for a bolero, but not for me, for Dear Daughter. Also from Garnstudio, and I think I've figured out how to knit it. If I have some left after that, I might knit wee S some socks...

And the scarf, here it is, being used and loved, as intended. It's nice and …


And then she was discovered, the sender of the lovely yarn I got in the Magic Ball Exchange. It was her! I really wanted to find out my MBM this time round, so went to work like a proper Sherlock, making a list, ticking off all the people it couldn't be, reading all the 'clues' on the group and then today: I saw it! Yes! Last time I had no idea and only found out months after the event ;)
Petrouchka, thanks again! Good luck with the moving and painting!

On the knitting front: green sweater is nearly done. I'm knitting the collar at the moment, will finish that tonight at SnB I guess. Then it's seaming time! I know, bad, I block AFTER the whole thing is done, as this is a drapy fabric, I don't think it's a problem... And then, find yarn for Jeanie! I'm still hopelessly searching, haven't even got a colour in mind, although a nice dark purple might be nice...

O, o, o, and my mittens are on their way! Can't wait. Sorry postman, I'll try not to jum…

And then she fell in love...

with Jeanie


Now my Vrienzinnen-friend has received her package, I can show you the booties I made for her soon to be born baby. They're based on Saartjes pattern, guaranteed success. So cute!

Mittens are FO!

Yes, my mittens are done! I only needed to adjust the flap, but here they are! I have to say, my MBM has surpassed herself and really worked hard for me. Thank you! I loved the pressies and the mittens I made out of they yarn ended up great! They have already been 'christened' on their first bike ride and apart from a button, they are totally finished. Success!
A picture of my 'loot'. I got some gorgeous stuff, and I'm going to try out the teas tomorrow! Yum!
Dear MBM, can you divulge what yarn it was? I'm guessing Trekking, but I can't seem to place the colour scheme... Please let me know!!!

Peyton Manning rulez

Wow! My mitten pal received her package, a lot quicker than I expected. Enjoy, Delana!


And when I had seamed it all up and cut all the loose threads, I noticed the flap was too long. And I used the inside stitches for the flap i.o. the outide stitches...
Note to self: when going out to CHAT, bring SWATCHING ONLY....

Error 1 will be corrected tonight, error 2 I'll have to live with. Ach well... They're very comfy!
Oh, I also unraveled the rest of the ball, and found soap, tea, more choccies and lovely beads. Thank you!!! Still no idea who it was, I'll do a bit of deducing later this week... Piccies of the finished mittens will follow soon!