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The confrontation with my stash

While the kids were playing (nr. 1) and sleeping (nr. 2), and we had a bit of a weepy Sunday afternoon (too wet to go and collect crops from the allotment), I looked around for something to do. First I clear out the cupboard under the stairs and after pulling out all my boxes with stash, the bug hit me. MUST... SORT... YARN...

I need help... I guess any knitter will be know my reaction to this: I DON'T HAVE THAT MUCH STASH, DO I??????
Guess what my DH said when he saw it:

'Shall I carry that upstairs then, babes?'

Yes, no 'I guess someone doesn't need to go to yarn shops anymore' or 'You're always saying you've nothing to knit'. No, 'Shall I carry that upstairs then, babes?'
What a darling ;) (Yes, I'm very happy with him too...)

After this feat, I decided to treat myself:
And to be honest, I ate 3 of those 'zoenen', not just the one... And had 3 cups of Senseo, two sips and it's gone. I'm so glad I drink decaf, I …

End of the rainbow...

Today, on the way back from a (Board) Games Exhibition, we saw a full rainbow. Big S was over the moon, as he had never seen one like this before. When we got closer and closer, it got bigger and more beautiful, and we saw it was actually a rainbow which reversed back from indigo to red. And, we drove past the end of the rainbow. The actual end of the rainbow was in the field straight next to the motorway. Unfortunately, no pot of gold, no dancing leprechauns... But a beautiful sight nonetheless!

And then the quilt yesterday! It was gorgeous! 27 x 11 m of soft goodness, hanging of our own Tower of Pisa... I can't wait to see the rest of the exhibition.

And my two babies on the way to Sinterklaas. They are true believers, even though Sam's only a new recruit and Hannah is starting to doubt... I wonder what it will be like next year. I just love this time of year, kills my waistline, but hey, that's what we have January for... ;)

Mind the gap

And then all of a sudden it's gone. A huge gap remains... It wobbled for about a week, and then today, while playing and trying to bite my coat in jest, she lost it. Had it in her hand and looked at me, totally shocked. But also proud. Big girl now...

Black hole

Do you remember that feeling after your last exam at secondary school? Or after handing in your dissertation at university? After telling a long-time boyfriend that it's over?
The big black hole.
It's the feeling I had last night after finishing these mittens. They were such a joy to knit that I was sad that it was done. For a week I enjoyed my stolen moments on the sofa, the house all quiet (or the tv blaring out while watching a kids' programme or American football), counting away, watching the pattern grow. Like a little baby being born, but then with less pain ;)
And here they are, in their full glory, because of my fascination with Desperate Housewives (at the moment I'm catching up with it and I'm in full swing in season 2): my Brees! I know she would love them (although I've not seen her knit anything else but a scarf...), considering how passionate she is about aprons, I bet she would have mittens matching her coat(s) too - although I guess it doesn't…

Snow Bird 1

The first mitten is finished! Yeah... It was such a fun knit, and it went so quick! I really have the hang of that stranded knitting now and the fact that there's only a pattern to read on the front does help. I made a few little mistakes in the thumb, but no-one sees those (I definitely don't)... Can't wait to get them finished and wear them. Sooooo soft! And yes, I also want to knit a matching scarf and hat...

Knitting through the vote

My eyes fell shut at 1 AM, but by then I had done quite a bit of knitting already. My mitts are starting to take shape! And GO BARACK! Good luck mate, I will keep a sock in my bag just in case you visit NL anytime soon and I manage to snag a picture of you... (and here I wanted to put a link to that one very (un)fortunate knitter whose picture of BO with her sock totally overflashed, but who was lucky enough that other people in the audience did get some good pics...)

Spinning and knitting away

Last weekend, I spent a night away to catch up with some friends. I had been talking about my wheel so often that of course they challenged me to take it with me. And of course I did, to their surprise! But it was great. I got to chat, drink wine (but not that much) and spun, and spun, and spun... until my roving was gone.

Thanks Brenda for the lovely photographs!

And then, last night, knitting through the annoying pain in my arm, but thoroughly enjoying the knit and all the pre-election antics on the telly, I finished Mesi! The inside is almost as much fun as the outside. Made out of Juvel, a 100% washable wool, in purple and green. This will be given to a friend of mine at SnB Fryslan, who has contacts in a shelter, and there will be some homeless gals and geezers walking the streets with cool hatwear this winter!

I knit this with the yarn in both hands, purple in the right and green in the left hand, to get some practice for my Snow Bird Mittens, which I started straight after. No ti…

Get voting!

Not sure if there are any Americans reading this blog, but get your arse into gear NOW and go and VOTE!
It's the one right that can really make a difference to yourself and everyone around you!

No, I'm not going to tell you who for, but if I'd live in America and was allowed to vote it would NOT rhyme with rain...

Anyway, knitting update in a minute...! Have to rescue our almost new flatscreen from kiddy fingers and toys...