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Oooooo, I saw some lovely stuff on the market in Groningen! Why does that yarn guy not come to Leeuwarden!??!!!???!!! I managed to contain myself though, as I've got enough projects on my hands and although my mitten exchange pal is up for anything, I do want to have a 'chat' with her about her wishes...

So, no yarn, but the toe-ups are coming on. And *sorry* yes, they are pink... They're for wee H and I'm making then out of what was left of my own pink socks... Hopefully a piccie later...

Knitting makes train journeys so much faster! The hour there and 40 mins back flew by. I did do some teeth grinding, because I was caught at the train crossing in front of the red light (Schrans) for SIX minutes, which meant I missed TWO trains to Groningen, grrrr. I had already expected to miss the first one, but then when we moved up in the queue, we got a red light again just when we got to the front, so had to wait again, and then the crossing closed again, grrrrr... And on th…

E-MAN-cipated knitting

Saw this on another blog (sorry, forgot which one, had closed my windows...)... Haha... Somehow I don't think I'll get big S into knitting... But maybe something for baby S, to make him into a proper metrosexual whenever he's growing up? (Let's get him to start talking first...)

Ballerina is coming on fine. Body is done. Dress is ready until the straps (got a bit confused there, but I'll figure it out). And I've cast on a new pair of socks for wee H. Toe-ups! And two on one circular. Thought I'd test myself and see if I could do two new things at once, haha... I'm going shopping today in Groningen, so it's a nice project for on the train there and back...

And Ballerine 'cast on'

As I got my 2.5 mm crochet hook today (yeah), I decided it was time to cast on for the Ballerina. I have until October 13, but it's so fast! Gosh, forgot that crochet was so much fun! I've still got to finish my mom's bridal gown pattern translation, but first get the Ballerina done (yep, I know where my priorities lie...). Acorn mitts and Mimosa scarf have disappeared in my 'later' bag, probably the weekend...

O yeah, more PINK as I've started with the body, haha... Okay, 'skin colour'...

KDDB socks finished

Yes, finished and on my feet! Trying to get some work done now and this afternoon our car is getting MOT'd. (wish our little Astral beauty good luck...)

Another stole?

Yes, I've succumbed again... I so enjoyed knitting the Mystery Stole, that I've joined the Secret of the Stole group on Yahoo for another KAL. This time it will be a soft pink (o no, not pink AGAIN...) stole, hopefully with beads (as I now know where to get them...). So that makes my autumn/winter programme as follows:

Sept 30 - finished: Mitten Exchange
Oct 5 - Nov 23: Secret of the stole
Oct 14 - RIP: Sock Wars

I've also got orders outstanding for some kiddy and baby mitts, scarves and hats. Guess that's going to keep me busy for a while... :-)

My KDDB socks are nearly done. Bit busy with work these days, so not a lot of knitting time (grrr)...

Sorry, more pink :-)

Yeah, my first KDDB sock is done! Here it is... Tadaaaaaa... Very pleased with the result, and I guess the second sock will go super fast. Stupid thing is I should have knitted two socks at the same time, cause it took me for-e-ver to find the right spot to cast on for the second sock. Ach, well, live and learn...

Nice to finish the sock last night after a difficult day with the funeral. But we all got through it and it was good.

Right, back to work!

Pink terrors...

I promise I will knit my next project in another colour than pink. Have to admit it does not photograph very well :-P, but it does brighten up my blog... These are my Acorn mitts after a gentle spray and pulling straight. I hope to have finished my scarf this weekend so I can sew these little ones up...

And the bane of all knitters, a spiralling scarf. What do you get when you cast on 200 stitches, double those, double those again and then double those again? Right, way to many stitches. It takes for-e-ver to finish a row. Luckily there's only a few more rows to go and the next one or the next one after the next one and the next one will get some beads...
Be patient, I know I am... And so are my KDDB socks. I know babies, you're next to get finished!

Sock wars

And I couldn't resist this... Together with Monique, Jose and Jenneke, we're going to take on the rest of the world. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Reality bites back

Today started with some bad news. After a struggle with cancer, my friend Daniella's mother passed away this morning. It made me very angry, cause it is always such an unfair way to go. Luckily they all spent the last week of her life together and everyone important to Sietske was there.

It made me just want to break stuff and throw things away. Actually quite a good thing as we had to clean up our and the kids' rooms today. We only really got our own room and baby S's room done, but I did manage to sneakily fill our wheely bin with loads of toys wee H never plays with, baby S will never play with and which are not fit for recycling. We also rearranged their wardrobes, exchanging summer for winter clothes and in baby S's case, dividing up all the usuable clothes over 4 boxes for various friends and their kiddies. Turns out that including what I got this week, he has enough clothes to get him through the winter.

On the knitting front, I finished my first Acorn. They'…

Acorns and ballerinas

I got my yarn for my Acorn fingerless mitts today... Wow. Bright. Cerise. Bright. Very bright. Coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool!
But the beads I have, don't look nice on it, so I have a great excuse to venture into town today (despite my cold, hatsjoe!) to get some colourless glass beads. I think that is the best option, because when I held the shiny silver ones against it, big S asked me when I had my date with Madonna :-S
Okay, say no moah...

I'm also making this as a present for wee J from next door, who will turn 2 next week. I saw it on the newsletter from De Hobbydoos and fell in love straight away. So, this weekend will look a bit like this:

* wake up at 5 AM
* knit Acorn mitts for 1 hour
* knit KDDB socks for 1 hour
* have breakfast with the kids
* play a bit
* have a big cup of coffee
* clean the new windows and doors
* clean the kids rooms
* get baby S to bed and wee H into the garden to play
* sit down with another cup of coffee and crochet Ballerina until baby S wakes up

Socks and socks

I have finished the Kort door de bocht (KDDB) socks up to the heel. I've actually done three repeats, cause I wanted the socks a bit longer. It turns out that with the Trekking XXL striping I get two stripes per repeat, which looks quite cute. Very pink though, just what I like. Now I need some crocs to wear them in, but I guess the season for crocs is really over... :-S

Finally managed to drag my feet towards the camera and take some pictures. Here are my finished Online socks, just plain stockinette. They do sag a bit, and the striping is not as nice as I had envisioned it, but they sure are comfy...

Out of orbit

We're back from the black hole left by the stole. I'm now working hard on the 'Kort door de bocht'-socks for the Dutch sock knitting-KAL and halfway sock nr. 1. On Friday I'm going to exchange the remaining yarn of the stole for a skein of Vivaldi Cerise to start on the fingerless gloves we (the Frisian SnB group) are knitting for the National Stitch 'n' Bitch day. Whatever is left will be transformed into a Mimosa scarf and then I've also got Oriel planned, a high neck 'blouse'... Enough to keep me busy!

Saartje, so nice to finally meet you in the flesh! And Lotte is soooooooo cute. It makes me want to have another wee girl! Hard to imagine mine was that small 4 years ago... And in a month's time baby S will be celebrating his 1st birthday. Time flies (sigh... but I'm going to stay 25 forever, whatever the official documents say :-)))

Big Black Hole Looming

It is done...

My time of knitting a long black stole is over...

And here she is (drum roll...)

Back to knitting my stockinette sock nr 2 and then on with a new one, from the Sock Knitting group: the Kort door de Bocht-sock...