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Up up...

and awayyyyy...

The rabbits are scratching at their cages, ready to enjoy two weeks of rabbit bliss at the petting zoo,
Big S and wee S are getting some fish food,
The last laundry is drying (inside, fluke rain shower spoilt my perfect schedule),
All the bins are empty,
The post is being kept back,
Our bags are packed...

We're off! See you again in two weeks!

Beastie bag

Yes, I did it! I 'designed' my first 'thing'! I bet I'm not the only one who had this idea, but I made it all by myself. *proud gloat*
I've written it all out as a nice doc-file, but as I haven't got a clue how to post files here, it is in this post for you to enjoy (anybody???).

The body:
R1: Make a ring out of 4 ch, fasten, 2 ch (end every row with fasten and 2ch).
R2: 9 dc in ring.
R3: 2 dc in every st.
R4: 2 dc in every st.
R5: 2 dc in every 3rd st.
R6: 2 dc in every 6th st.
R7: 2 dc in every 10th st.
R8-15: dc.
R16: decr every 5th and 6th st.
R17: decr every 5th and 6th st.
R18: make a row with holes, I used 2 ch and skipped 2st.
R19: end with sc in every st (sc or ch).

Without binding off, continue with the trunk.
R1: 18 dc around 1 (or 2) hole(s).
R2-3: dc.
R4: on both sides of the trunk, decr 2 st.
R5-6: front of the trunk dc, back of the trunk sc (this makes the curve).
R7-8: dc.
R9-11: on both sides of the trunk, decr 2 st.
R12: front sc, back dc.

A girl needs a bag... or 10!

I've got my eyes on a few bags! Even though I find the whole felting experience a bit frightening, I just HAVE to HAVE to make a Suzy Q...

and the Celtic Tote...

Father's Day

Yes, it was finished past midnight, but in time to wrap and hide it until the morning. Big S was very impressed, and has promised it will be his scarf of choice this winter... A few mistakes here and there, but shadow knitting is very forgiving ;) Definitely will do this again, the effect is so cool!

Now I'm going to get little Mr. Grumpy, someone's not interested in sleeping. Sigh...


*very quietly* This will be my project to try and finish between tonight and Sunday, Father's Day:
Probably in brown/dark blue and white/cream. My hubby is not a pink lover ;)Pssssssssst... No telling!!!

The joys of the bean

Now, I am a great fan of coffee. Love the stuff, can't live without it. I thought I was going mad when I couldn't stand it during my first pregnancy, but luckily when I was expecting Sam, I made up for it by drinking more than ever. The bean is holy here, even though we do try and keep it as low-caf as possible.
When I leafed through the book Sokken brei je zo and saw the pattern for the 'Koffieboon' (Coffee bean), I just had to start it. And it's addictive. Very! And very suitable for knitting during (booooooooring) football games. Sorry, but Greece-Sweden is not doing it for me (hence the blogging during the game). Here my version of the bean:

Pattern: Koffieboontjes, Sokken brei je zo
Yarn: Fortissima Socka Mexiko Color, colourway 9064

My other Fortissima socks are also done. My Pomatomi! Tadaaaaaa!!! And yes, they're watching footie... I did the toe of the second sock differently from the first (first, several months ago, followed the pattern; second, just did …

Hup Holland Hup!

The atmosphere is electric, wee H is extremely proud of her poster of the Dutch national team, staff in the supermarket is donning orange hair, kids are wearing orange shirts... Hmmm, me guess there might be an important match on tonight! ;)
In stead of knitting socks all the way through the tournament (I keep missing the most important bits because of difficult increases/decreases/cables/heels etc.), I decided to get started on my coat. During tonight's game I should definitely manage to get the pattern cut out of newspaper. As long as I don't start on the beer too early...


Disclaimer: as a true Frisian national, I dislike the word 'Holland' being used for the Netherlands, but to avoid clashes with inebriated foreign fans (how come we're almost always on holiday during an WC or EC, except this year...? ) I refrain from commenting about this little bit of trivia during international football tournaments. I'm happy to divulge at any other tim…

Bye, Isabella... Hello, Yosemite!

I've finally decided to frog Isabella. It just wasn't working for me, all that stockinette. I went looking round on Knitty for another summery top and Yosemite had already been high on my list, so here we go!

Blog 151! And a dragon to boot!

Wow, I'm past 150 posts! I never knew I had so much to say ;)
And here is the whole set complete, including dragon! Recipient was impressed, as were her mom and dad (whose fingers are a bit big to play with them...).