Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Spindling in a church

Not your everyday location for a yarny event... If you don't take all the 'long yarns' into account that may have rolled off the pulpit here in years gone by... After holding the 'Brei- & Haakdagen' in Nieuwegein for a few years, the organizer realized that there was a great desire for a similar event in the north of the country.

Spinnen in de kerk... Nou hangen ze regelmatig aan de balken, maar het ging hier toch even over iets anders... Nadat de Brei- & Haakdagen al een paar keer in Nieuwegein waren georganiseerd, kwamen de noorderlingen aan met de vraag of zoiets ook een keer dichter in de buurt kon.

In the run-up to the event, I was asked whether I wanted to give spindling workshops again. Not just the short ones, like I did in Nieuwegein, but also a long one. Could I fill 2.5 hours talking about spindling and teach students enough skills for them to go home happy and addicted?

Tijdens de voorbereidingen werd ik gevraagd of ik weer spintolworkshops wilde geven. Niet alleen de korte, zoals in Nieuwegein, maar ook een lange. Zou ik 2,5 uur kunnen volkletsen over tolspinnen en de workshoppers genoeg kennis over de diverse technieken bijbrengen on ze tevreden en met een nieuwe verslaving weer naar huis te zien gaan?

Well, yes! I thoroughly enjoyed myself in Groningen! The short workshops took place in the (serene) choir of the Der Aa-church, the long one at the Movie Academy. And did I take pictures? Of course not... But, I did make it onto the small screen! You can see me (well, my pink shawl, mainly) at 0:09, 0:34 and 1:07.

Nou, ja! Ik heb mezelf enorm vermaakt in Groningen! De korte workshops werden gehouden in het (serene) koor van de Der Aa-kerk, de lange in een zaal van de Filmacademie. Heb ik foto's gemaakt? Natuurlijk niet... Maar ik ben wel op tv geweest! Ik (nou ja, vooral mijn roze shawl) ben in het bovenstaande filmpje te bewonderen op 0:09, 0:34 en 1:07. 

On the Friday, I also helped out at the Wereldwol stand. My favourite yarn enabler, way too closeby ;)

Op de vrijdag heb ik ook nog meegeholpen in de stand van Wereldwol. Mijn favoriete breiwinkel en veel te dichtbij ;)

A few pictures of the event... I hope this will be a repeat event!

Toch een paar foto's van de dag(en), met dank aan de Breidag Facebook-pagina! 

During the long workshop, one lovely lady gave me two of her spindles... Amazing! (Thanks again Kitty H!!!) I've been spindling away on them and they seem to enjoy living in our house...

Tijdens de lange workshop kreeg ik gewoon twee tollen... Fantastisch! (Nogmaals bedankt, Kitty H!) Ik heb al een heel eind op de tolletjes weggesponnen en ze lijken het wel fijn te vinden hier bij ons in huis...

Next blog: knitting!

Volgende blogje: breien!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Spreading the love

A while ago, I joined a club. They members had one thing in common: a love for turning fibre into yarn. All the people who are members of that club (almost 500 at the moment) know: once you start, you can't stop. Ever. Worse, you turn into an evangelist, and want to let everybody you know join in the beauty that wool, fibre, yarn and everything related has to offer.

Once in a while, we meet up. We now have 2 annual meetings: one small one, which was attended by around 100 spinners last March, and one big one, always held in the first weekend of October. This year, over 230 spinners enthusiastically rsvp'ed when the first invitations were sent out. Around 100 of these spinners actually booked the entire weekend at Mennorode, in Elspeet, where we hold the annual Fall meeting. It was our 15th, so enough reasons for a big party!

As I was too busy running from here to there and back again all weekend, I got very little spinning done, and managed to only take a few pictures. We had a few photographers who did an amazing job capturing the event, the fun, togetherness and beauty of the weekend, and I want to share some of these pictures here... Thanks to Rob Kool and Ans Kriesels for the pictures. A full 'slide show' will be shown at our spring meeting!

But to come back to the evangelist thing. Earlier this year, I was asked to share my love of spindling with visitors of the Brei- and Haakdagen in Nieuwegein. When the same event was held in Groningen this weekend, again the invitation to come and give workshops was in my mailbox. This year, besides two short 45-minute workshops, I also gave a long 2.5 hour one. Plenty of time to play with spindles, wool and fibre. And plenty of time to have fun!

The next blog entry will have some links to videos and pictures of this fantastic event!