Friday, February 15, 2013

Gizmo galore

I have a thing for gizmo's. Especially when it comes to crafting, everything seems to have a 'YOU NEED THIS' label. And as soon as someone shows me, I'm done for. Hook line and sinker. Sold. Give. Me. That.

As a result, various gizmo's have entered the Frisian Frillies household over the last few months. First, there was the WooLee Winder, which I bought myself for Xmas, from my library money. The joy it has brought me is immense. I can spin for hours on end, without even blinking or looking at my bobbin.

This is baby camel and silk. Flying onto the bobbin. The WooLee Winder I got comes from De Spinners in Den Haag, and it arrived in a box with 3 bobbins. Enough to do spinning and plying. Me happy.

The flyer and bobbin are connected with sprogs, which run a level-wind mechanism, moving the loop up and down the bobbin. Genius.

And then a few weeks ago, I fell for this beauty. A blending board. I had read about using one of these in Spin-Off, remembered that that would be a great little gadget to have, but I didn't have the time to get carding cloth and board to make one. Then Woolness had a special offer on the boards. Cannot. Resist. Checked my Xmas account, still enough in it. FOR ME!

Mermaid also thinks it's great fun. Gather roving in different colours, some glitter, and off you go...

 And while we were rolaging along... a shop idea was born... Well, basically, the idea had been there for a while, but it just materialized in our heads while doing this...

Because, it's great having all these lovely rolls, but there's no way I can spin them up all by myself... Especially when I'm continuously rolling more...

Don't they just look so sweet from the side? Those peepholes... So cute!

And talking about cute... More gizmo's arrived yesterday, although it was a gifted one, not bought. And old, not new.

Meet Rapunzel. Rapunzel came to us via a mom at school, who got her from an inheritance. Almost everyone seems to know now that i"m the crazy one with the spinning wheels. Who obviously needs more of them.

And she spins beautifully!!!

After a quick clean, removing the old horrible greasy yarn from the bobbins and replacing the two threads with a figure 8 double-drive string, she's singing again.

Today was busy, all week was busy, but tonight there's wine, knitting and spinning. Bliss.

And preparing for tomorrow, when I'll be at the Handwerkbeurs in Zwolle. Buying lots of roving and lovely wool and crazy fibres to make more rolags...

Monday, February 4, 2013

Yes, there was lots of knitting and spinning too...

Besides being extremely busy setting up a knitting café and spinning group, organizing and writing material for a crochet workshop in 2 months time, there was lots of crafting as well. Because, what is a better way to unwind after a busy day?
We've had lots of snow and ice - even though it only lasted for a week or 2 - which meant that Batmans growing head needed a new hat. I was lucky enough that Mermaids mittens from last year fit him, and that the scarf was still nice and comfy, so just a hat! And I had just the right stuff for it: lovely Dutch Wool Diva Donegal Nep. Sooo soft and great to knit with.

Yes, I will stand still just long enough for you to take one crappy picture... ;) Okay, two then...

Hubby also needed a hat. So, here's homespun Texelaar knit up into a VERY WARM HAT! ;) Great for outdoor garden work.

That was not the only yarn I knit up. I also knit up the variegated pink sock yarn I got from her at Midwinterwol. Made my own pattern, sort of inspired by the Anastasia sock pattern, but then different... Spiral socks, both in the same direction. Only 60 stitches, as the holes make the socks stretchy enough.

And then, the long-awaited spinning group! We had great fun, even though there was only 6 of us in the end. Half the country seemed to have contracted Noro or flue, but we had fun nonetheless. Plus, there was more blondies and cookies for us all :D

Our novice spinners did great! Monique and Judith, keep up the good work!
Our next spinning evening is on February 7, in the local community centre. Just so we have a bit more room to swing our spindles around in!

Aaaand there was lots lots lots of spinning! And I got a small photo studio, which I'm practicing with. So here, the first victims!

World of Wool fractal spun rainbow roving (merino).

World of Wool variegated orange roving (merino).

World of Wool variegated purple roving (merino).

And virginal white merino/nylon, for socks. It's so virginal, I almost don't dare dye it... Shall I?

I'm also spindling my Shetland roving, knitting two pairs of socks, working on hat for Asia number eh... 6, and doing lots of Lego building. Plus the garden is calling... We've got a few square meters set up, the wood chip for the paths should arrive this week and a quote for soil and sand is in the post... busy busy!!!