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Gizmo galore

I have a thing for gizmo's. Especially when it comes to crafting, everything seems to have a 'YOU NEED THIS' label. And as soon as someone shows me, I'm done for. Hook line and sinker. Sold. Give. Me. That.

As a result, various gizmo's have entered the Frisian Frillies household over the last few months. First, there was the WooLee Winder, which I bought myself for Xmas, from my library money. The joy it has brought me is immense. I can spin for hours on end, without even blinking or looking at my bobbin.

This is baby camel and silk. Flying onto the bobbin. The WooLee Winder I got comes from De Spinners in Den Haag, and it arrived in a box with 3 bobbins. Enough to do spinning and plying. Me happy.

The flyer and bobbin are connected with sprogs, which run a level-wind mechanism, moving the loop up and down the bobbin. Genius.

And then a few weeks ago, I fell for this beauty. A blending board. I had read about using one of these in Spin-Off, remembered that tha…

Yes, there was lots of knitting and spinning too...

Besides being extremely busy setting up a knitting café and spinning group, organizing and writing material for a crochet workshop in 2 months time, there was lots of crafting as well. Because, what is a better way to unwind after a busy day? We've had lots of snow and ice - even though it only lasted for a week or 2 - which meant that Batmans growing head needed a new hat. I was lucky enough that Mermaids mittens from last year fit him, and that the scarf was still nice and comfy, so just a hat! And I had just the right stuff for it: lovely Dutch Wool Diva Donegal Nep. Sooo soft and great to knit with.

Yes, I will stand still just long enough for you to take one crappy picture... ;) Okay, two then...

Hubby also needed a hat. So, here's homespun Texelaar knit up into a VERY WARM HAT! ;) Great for outdoor garden work.

That was not the only yarn I knit up. I also knit up the variegated pink sock yarn I got from her at Midwinterwol. Made my own pattern, sort of inspired by the A…