Tuesday, April 29, 2008

New laptop

I have one! Yes, a new laptop. With a keyboard on which all the keys actually work! I still have to get used to it, because it types differently and jumps to different locations when I don't want it to, but I remember I had the same with my other laptop, but once I got the hang of using it, it was okay. I did, however, had to call a mechanic out to connect it to our network. For some reason, on my old laptop the network key was not being displayed properly, so I had no way of transfering it over. Anyway, it was sorted in 10 minutes, so now I'm up and running.
No piccies of finished Mystic Lights here, although I am neeeeeeeaaarly done. I'm trying to get it finished tonight, block it tomorrow and take it to Monique on Thursday, so we can put them side by side.
One thing of getting a new laptop is that you have to transfer a lot of things. Email settings, internet settings, favorites, and files. Lots of files. I also copied all my photos, and got a bit sentimental when I saw them all pass by. I couldn't not post any here, although my kids will probably kill me later... haha...

Breastfeeding in public with Hannah, and my sister and her now hubby.

Hannah walking at 9.5 months! Sam just missed his 'deadline'. He was walking at 9 m 3 weeks...

Our little Yoda at 3... Me heavily pregnant, trying to follow her through the forest, on one of her mystery expeditions...

Sam, only a few days old, in one of my first self-made diapers. He is still wearing them (though a bigger size, lol), and on his way to being potty trained. He's doing really well! Although, I'm a bit lazy sometimes and let him wear diapers, even though my heart tells me he shouldn't... and doesn't need to!

Sam's baptism. The one person who wasn't there, was my dad*. But I'm sure he was there in spirit. Sam was baptized on my mom's birthday, which made it an extra special day!

Artist in the making.

Battle with the teeth... One way to get him to smile again after crying so hard, is taking pictures with the webcam. Great fun!

And my little 'boefjes' together last month. Sam with his new hooligan haircut. Believe me, it suits him much better than the angelic baby hair. Time to get some proper portraits soon...

Kids grow up waaaaaaaaaaaaay to fast...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The sun is out!

After a very relaxing weekend and with a bit of sunshine on my face now, the world is looking like a nice place. I have some new clients, thanks to my mail bombardment, I actually did some knitting and the new sock KAL has started. I was in Sneek on Saturday, so bought some dark red lambswool to get started on those. But first, Mystic Light... I had to finish another Celestine (this time in orange) in time for the last baby this month, so, I'll get started on last week's clue tonight, after the ironing.

Just to let you know ;)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Preview clue 4

Yes, true lace!!!

On the work front, from bad to worse. grrrrrrrr. 'Lost' one of my big clients today after an industrial dispute about pay. Yes, even us translators can get militant. And as a result, the big guy at the production company wrote an email to all of us 'union kiddies' and sacked us. Wished us a happy life and lots of luck. The ... {fill in appropriate expletive here}. A good kick up my own backside actually, to get some decent paying clients, not go for the crappiest jobs, I DESERVE BETTER! And good luck to the poor kid who is going to do the work for them at that price... I mean, no raises at all in all 5 years I worked for them, come on... Has he even seen the price of gas these days???


A nice evening at SnB (with daughter, who loved it!) and 16 letters to publishing houses later I feel much better... I think I can sleep tonight. But still, crap. Crap. Crap.

But tomorrow, time for true lace :)

Clue 3 and Step 1

Yes! Made it to the end of clue 3 in time for clue 4. Hopefully I will have some time to print it today. I am very curious to find out where this is going!!!

Apologies for the crap photos. I have an old digital Nikon and the more books I read and translate on photography, the crapper it gets. Never mind. As soon as the ship with money comes sailing in (let's say that the steward who's supposed to flog the captain to get me the money is coming round for an appointment tomorrow, unless the captain decides to magically land the money in my account before then), it's on our wish-list. With a new laptop. Because a lot of the time, my texts look like an advanced chapter out of Misery.

Anyway, new beginnings in crafty land as well! I finally stopped mourning over the fact that I couldn't get any soft pink fabric for my trenchcoat, and because I saw a lovely lovely one in soft pink at Street One, decided to do mine in GREEN. Apple green to be exact. With a nice floral fabric for trimmings and what have you. A few small projects still to finish and then this baby is going to be made!

The pattern is from Fast Fashion, a new youthful edition of Knipmode. Great stuff! I would like make everything from it, so after only three trips to the bookstore, I actually bought the magazine...

O yeah, Question: I would like to take out a subscription to Vogue Knitting. I've asked them what they charge for subscriptions outside the Americas, but I haven't had an answer yet. Any info?

Oh, and wee H? Cast is off! Hooray! Her arm still hurts, but no breaks, so now it's a case of letting the bruising and swelling heal...

Monday, April 14, 2008


21 again... Never gets boring... ;)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Made it!

I'm enjoying a little mindless surfing and blogging, after pulling the two longest working days ever. Started on Tuesday morning with the realisation I had LOST ALL MY WORK FROM MONDAY, interrupted by a bikeride to the pool to cool down and regroup and an unexpected visit to the hospital, but then solid work until about 1.30 AM. Again yesterday, started after dropping the kids of, at 8.45, and finished at 2.30 AM. Let me tell you, I'm not going to do that again. I did a bit of a twirl in my office chair when I pressed the Send button...

I love my job, but when something goes wrong computer-wise, the fact that it's your own business and you work from home can really come back and bit you in the bum. O yeah, and having a memory stick, but not saving your stuff on it... :(

I finished the last row of Mystic Light clue 2 (here's the right half on the photo) this morning, printed out clue 3 and tonight, after a loooooooooooooong bath, I am just going to sit on the sofa and knit. O yeah. And watch some of the shows I missed (luckily we have Tevo/UPC On Demand with DVD recorder, so I've got some stash...). If anyone tells me who left the Apprentice, I am going to be seriously pissed off though... ;)

Hannah is a bit better. How do you dress a child with a cast from fingers to armpit? A real problem! Just moving her arm the tiniest bit, hurts. I'm going to rummage round in her wardrobe and see if she's got any bigger sizes (we love sharing clothes a lot here) that might fit over her cast.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Elbow versus Playhouse

Today, me and wee H spent a few hours at A&E, as she had fallen off a playhouse at school and hurt her elbow. An X-ray did not reveal any breaks, but because of the massive build-up of fluid, she was given a cast. Next week, her arm will be re-X-rayd to see if there are any hair-line fractures. The poor wee thing... It hurt soooo much! Luckily, the cast helped and she is now away in Dreamy-Dreamland, with her arm on a pillow...
And yes, ice cream DOES make you feel better...

Sod the deadlines...

Sunday, April 6, 2008


Deadlines are flying past left, right and center. Have not knit a stitch in 4 days.



Yup, since the last SnB night, no progress at all.
Withdrawal is starting to kick in.
But really, keeping on top of work, tons of laundry (I'm with Robyn on that one... sigh), and kids and a husband that need fed and watered: much more important.
Mystic Light and Jeanie are patiently waiting (ehm, do I hear muffled shouts coming from my knitting bag?)
I have however bought some more yarn for another Celestine, and circs to finish Mystic Light. If only I had time to finish just the next clue. I only barely made it to the telly in time to watch Damages this week (which starts AFTER midnight, need I say more...). All the rest of my regular shows, and the ironing to go with it, are still waiting for me too...

I would have been watching telly, ironing and knitting last night, but went out with a bunch of girlfriends for some well-deserved R&R instead (and boogy-ing, ooooh, I'm getting old, nearly fell asleep in the disco at 1 AM *hihi*)

Right, back to my book on blood and immune diseases, then it's on to an accident report for a big industrial company and then a little bit of web content for a small internet trader... (who said life as a translator is boring?)

Two questions high up my Why-list:

Sod it. I'm having another snack-a-jack.