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Where it gets yellow....

It started a few months ago, with the sudden desire and unstoppable urge to knit something yellow. I blame it on the prolonged winter, cold, nasty weather and definite absence of warmth outside. And what is warmer than yellow?

This started a true yarn hunt. Because for some weird reason, yellow is hard to find. Especially when you want a specific type of yellow. Because not every yellow is the yellow that fit the project that I also immediately had in mind to knit: Viajante.
It had to be a WARM yellow. Like butternut-squash-soup yellow. A more-orangy-than-yellow yellow. A not-too-solid yellow. A soft and cuddly yellow. And a not-too-expensive-because-I-need-lots yellow.

I yell(ow)ed loud when I found it. Ask my husband. He freaked out.

It was this yellow: Malabrigo Lace Sunset.

Add some more vividness in real life. I hugged her when I picked it up. Actually, I hug her a lot, as Marieke is my favourite enabler.

It started with a small triangle.

It grew.
It grew some more.
It got a bit …