Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Where it gets yellow....

It started a few months ago, with the sudden desire and unstoppable urge to knit something yellow. I blame it on the prolonged winter, cold, nasty weather and definite absence of warmth outside. And what is warmer than yellow?

This started a true yarn hunt. Because for some weird reason, yellow is hard to find. Especially when you want a specific type of yellow. Because not every yellow is the yellow that fit the project that I also immediately had in mind to knit: Viajante.
It had to be a WARM yellow. Like butternut-squash-soup yellow. A more-orangy-than-yellow yellow. A not-too-solid yellow. A soft and cuddly yellow. And a not-too-expensive-because-I-need-lots yellow.

I yell(ow)ed loud when I found it. Ask my husband. He freaked out.

It was this yellow: Malabrigo Lace Sunset.

Add some more vividness in real life. I hugged her when I picked it up. Actually, I hug her a lot, as Marieke is my favourite enabler.

It started with a small triangle.

It grew.
It grew some more.
It got a bit boring, but stayed interesting.
And then it was time for the last of the four skeins.
And I got to start the edging, when the magic happened.

No, the magic happened when I bound off and it came of the restrictive circular needles.


Huge. Warm. Lush. Mmmmm... No need to block. Just wear.
And not just as a wrap, but it's a warm shawl too.

I just wrapped it around me and there it still is. I'm almost annoyed that I can't sleep in it.


Next: this: same enabler, different yarn. Time for some Love on the edge...

Started, but need sharper and slightly smaller needles. Back to the enabler...


MoniqueB. said...

Jee, je kunt er in wonen! Heerlijk.

petra said...

Wat is ie mooi geworden...Héérlijk om in weg te kruipen...

Anonymous said...

En .. hoe draagt hij?? Vind hem nl prachtig maar ook nieuwsgierig hoe het model draagt ...