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A bit too much work to knit / Een beetje te veel werk om te breien

After a little blip last month, business is booming again. It seems like everyone wants me to work for them, which is very flattering, but it does eat away my free time (well actually, devours it, considering that the kids are at home 24/7 - apart from wee S, who still goes to daycare 2.5 days a week). This all means precious little knitting is done, and the great dyes I got last week are still lying in my craft drawer unused.
I am having a blast though, as well, it's not all work and no play! This week alone, we've had Monique over for a visit, on Wednesday we had two small boys stay over - 1 and 3 years old, which was great, but did make my tubes curl up and wither away by themselves, two kids is enough for us! - and today me and the kids went to see a colleague translator/client who recently had a baby, on the train! My kids love trains. They love people. They love people on trains. And today, the people on the train loved them. It does make your journey much more fun if pe…

Socks for blokes / Sokken voor mannen

Socks for real blokes should be simple, have a nice long cuff and be ready to wear.
Check on all three counts :D
These are the socks for my real bloke, in the sock drawer tonight!

Sokken voor echte mannen moet simpel zijn, een mooie lange boord hebben en direct aan te trekken zijn.
Deze voldoen aan alle drie eisen :D
Dit zijn de sokken voor mijn echte man, vanavond in zijn sokkenla!


As the pattern is available now, on Zij maakt het's site, here's my Suzie! My Suzie has no eyes and no mouth, which makes it a perfect non-pokeable cuddly toy for my 2-year-old... It was a great and fun test-knit, and I'm definitely going to knit one again of my home-spun yarn, as soon as I've dyed it! The dyes are on their way here, so not long now...

Omdat het patroon nu beschikbaar is op de site van Zij maakt het, zie hier mijn Suzie! Mijn Suzie heeft geen ogen of mond, waardoor het een perfect wriemelbestendige knuffel is voor mijn boefje van 2... Het was een leuke testbrei, en ik ga er zeker nog een maken van zelfgesponnen garen, zodra dat is geverfd! De verf is onderweg, dus lang duurt het net meer...

Oh, and the cup? 'I was mugged by the English department', with the old University of Groningen logo. Don't let the logo police see that one... ssssst!

O, en de mok? 'I was mugged by the English department', met het oude logo van de RuG. Laat de lo…

Bullet through the church / Kogel door de kerk...

The Travelling roses scarf will be frogged. However nice, this is one I definitely will not be wearing. Shame though... I think the yarn will be perfect for Saskia. What do you think?

De Travelling roses-sjaal haal ik uit. Hoe mooi ook, dit is zo'n sjaaltje wat ik nooit ga dragen. Wel jammer... Maar ik denk dat het garen zich perfect leent voor een Saskia. Wat denken jullie?

Bye bye....

Lifting the veil... / een tipje van de sluier...

More to come about this project later...