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Spindle tripping - Toch tollen op vakantie

Of course, I just had to stash the spindle into my craft bag... Guinness Froth is coming along nicely. I finished the back, front side panels and am working on the first sleeve. Knitting short rows for a sleeve head in a dimly lit tent, however, is not something I'd recommend.
The spindle had fun watching the world pass by when we were on the Rhine, got a bit dizzy watching Mermaid going round and round in Moviepark Germany and enjoyed a few relaxed hours on the campsite and next to the pool.
I also packed  4 extra (small) knitting projects. Which I didn't knit, but hey, it's better to bring too much than too little!
In Mainz we passed a fun yarn shop. And no, not this one (grrrr, which I only find about now!) but this one. Also fun, but not very exciting. I did buy a few skeins of German yarn, of course!

Natuurlijk moest de tol toch ook mee op vakantie... Guinness Froth schiet lekker op. Ik heb het rugpand en de zijpanelen klaar en ben nu aan de eerste mouw begonnen. Verko…

Recap or restart? - Terugblikken of vooruitkijken?

The last few months have been hectic. The ease of use of Facebook and Twitter almost made me forget there was something called a blog, so both the craft and family blog were grossly neglected.
I could recap about everything I have done, made, experienced and been through, but that would take me forever.
So, instead, a glance back over my shoulder at last weekend. We were in Orvelte, where we enjoyed a sunbaked day among the sheep and other crafty folk. With great music and a great atmosphere. Lovely people and lovely yarn, wool and other things.
Me and the Mermaid suffered from bad sleep deprivation (it was the morning after the night before - World Cup quarter finals, with a penalty shoot-out way way way past our bedtime), and I was glad that I had been so smart to sort everything out for the fair on the Friday and loaded the car up on the Saturday afternoon.
Me and Mermaid picked up Judith on the way. She had a bag full of fleece to card, so she spent a lot of time demonstrating the…