Thursday, August 30, 2007

Because IT is not finished yet...

No pictures of the Mystery Stole yet, because it was incredibly busy, and yesterday I went to see As you like it. Great!!! If you like Shakespeare, if you like open-air theatre, this is definitely the place to go!!!
So, instead, a nice picture I took last week when I had some lovely white roses...

And one of our house in its current state...

Have to admit, even with all this mess, it still looks better than it did. If you don't believe me, have a look at this:

We're getting new windows and door in at the moment, a lot of work, but boy, is it worth it... Everything is 'in' now, apart from the boarding at the front, so now it's time to get the insides all tidied up. The attic is done, so big S can enjoy a lovely new work place already :-)

Friday, August 24, 2007

Frisian Frillies

I got my invitation for Ravelry! I'll be known there as frisianfrillies and hope to have some cool stuff online soon. I just got back from the doctor's after having a coil placed, so I'm a bit sore and feel a bit sorry for myself, so this was just the pick-me-up I needed. I'll put the little-un to bed and do a bit of looking around before starting work...

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Going, going....

And the decision has been made. Gulp... The feathers will be frogged and I am lengthening the stole. When I saw this the decision was easy. Tonight will be the night. I've still got a bit of rose left in the bottle, and together with some Japanese nuts that will ease the pain of all that hard work being undone. But hey, I had also made a mistake in the feathers, which will now be taken out too, yeah!
Nothing to show for my diaper efforts. I spent a lot of time making a proper template in cardboard, which saves a lot of time when you have to draw out the shape on multiple layers of fabric, and reading and re-reading the instructions until (a glass of rose later) I finally got what she meant. I'm trying out the Wee Weka AIOs in the S/M size. It is slightly bigger than the Jobbes pattern I've been using, so baby S's butt should be sufficiently covered this way. And guess what? I thought I had loads of fabric for diapers. Uhm? Where? I do have some jungle fleece which I've already cut up, but because another fleece blanket meant for diapers has become such a treasured member of the family on outings to cover baby S's legs or the grass so we can have a picknick, I can't cut it up... I'll have another rummage through big S's T-shirt collection (next SnB meeting will hopefully deliver a few more T-shirts as well, yippy!). For the AIOs it is advised not to use cotton on top (hmm, rules out T-shirts then, bummer), but fleece, so maybe I could also attack one of my old fleeces I never wear... And then put some nice embroidery on it...
Stop it!!! You're making more work for yourself!!!!


Saturday, August 18, 2007

Crazy thoughts re mystery stole...

While I was taking in the laundry, I had this crazy thought. As I now know that there is not going to be a second half of the stole, and I still have a few balls of yarn left, why not frog back to the flower bit, reknit whatever I frogged in the first place and then end up with a longer stole? I'm going to ponder this thought very carefully tonight, while I'm sewing diapers and washing the floor, no hurried decisions here... and I'm going to "try on" the stole to see if I really think it could do with some lengthening... Wonder if there are more people who went for the shorter option who are now regretting that!

Getting closer...

You signed up on June 18, 2007.
You are #9791 on the list.
567 people are ahead of you in line.
16451 people are behind you in line.
35% of the list has been invited so far.

:-) Since yesterday, 150 people got added to Ravelry. According to my calculations, I should have my Ravelry invite by the end of the week. Unless they invite 150 people once a week on Friday, or once a month... Aaaarghhh! This obsession is getting the better of me. As if I've not got enough blogs, lists of blogs to read, things to do... Better do something else for a change, like cook for my family :-) Easy today, Heinz beans, eggs and nice cutlets, yum.

I have also decided that tonight is a diaper making night, so hopefully some nice piccies of cutesies to show you tomorrow... I got some necessities for making diaper covers as well, so we'll see how productive I am after baby S has gone to bed. I already noticed that not having wee H for a few days (she's off gallivanting with her granny) has greatly increased my free time... And Monday she's back to school, so hopefully I can get some WORK done during the day, to leave time to knit, scrap, crochet and sew in the evenings :-)))

Friday, August 17, 2007

Drumroll pleaze...

RAVELRY, the story so far:

You signed up on June 18, 2007.
You are #9791 on the list.
717 people are ahead of you in line.
16147 people are behind you in line.
34% of the list has been invited so far.

When will my invite arrive? I'm waaaaaaiiiiittttttingggggggggggggggggggg....

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Mystery stole, part VIII

Yeah, piccies of my stole! While I was pinning it out on the bed, wee H was goofing around and when she lay down for a second, I noticed she is about as tall as the stole is long ;-) As you can see, I only have a short bit of 'flower' pattern. I had knitted about the whole length of the pattern, but the stole turned out to be too long, so I frogged back to the point indicated by Melanie. V happy now. It's wide, but very 'chique'... Tonight, I'm starting on clue 6!

I've also decided not to continue with the house blanket. Because I chose acrylic yarn and not the Rowan indicated, my swatching already indicated it was going to be a bit wider... But, after only 15 cm, it is about 2 meters wide instead of just over a meter (???) and I've already knitted up one whole ball of 300 grams :-S As I have 3 (I could always get more, but prefer not to, weight-wise), I decided to change it for a different pattern, which is easier to extend/shorten than the one from the book. It is still heavy on my wish list, so maybe when I've got some nice soft Rowan... You never know... But then again, I want to knit everything from that book, haha!!!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Who needs a job...

...when there are so many hobbies to spend your time on?


Today I managed to actually translate about 5 pages (ooo, not good...), but hobby-wise was cool. I translated 2 pages of crochet instructions for a Barbie dress (my mother's English is not very good, so she requested a translation), which meant I did have to crochet parts of it to test whether I got the instructions right, and scrapped 3 birthday cards. My baby blanket for baby S is also progressing nicely and I told myself I'm not allowed to continue with the stole until I've taken some photographs of the current state. haha, I'm SO strict on myself...

Plans for the weekend are to make some new diapers for baby S as well, because he's getting to big for some! The width is not the problem, but the height is. You can see his bum crack and unless he's thinking of a career in construction, I think we'd better rectify that :-)
Not that his bum is ugly or anything...

And maybe in between it all, I'll do some work too ;-)

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Mystery stole, part VII and new WIPs

Clue 5 is done, Harry Potter is finished, so to tide me over until Friday, I've cast on 286 stitches (gulp) for a baby blanket for baby S. I found some cool extremely cheap acrylic yarn at a local store, so instead of knitting it in super expensive Rowan, I thought I'd try this first. Piccies to follow!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Mystery stole, part VI

The stole is coming along nicely, I'm halfway clue 5, so up to speed! I did have a bit of bother last week though, which saw me frogging back a looooong way!

After last Wednesday's SnB, I noticed that if I finished clue 4 and then start on the wing, my stole would already be tickling my toes. Now, long stoles are nice, but THAT long? I.e. I took out the bit Melanie indicated could be taken out to shorten the stole, and then went on with clue 5. It did mean that I was up half the night (until 2 AM, yawn) on Thursday because I wanted it done before clue 5 came out... (sad, I know). As soon as I've finished the wing, I'll take a picture of my stole!

At the SnB we decided on our project for the SnB day in November. We're going to knit these:

Nice... We'll start after the next meeting, when everyone has a pattern and decided on colour yarn etc... Can you see us all sitting in the train, knitting with these? Tick tick tick tick...