Friday, November 30, 2007

Flapper time!

Yep, time for the flap on mitten number 2! Tonight they will definitely be finished, so expect some piccies tomorrow. Bit of a busy week this week. I'm on the Games and Play committe in our local area and we had a council meeting and a conference for all the inhabitants of our area. Pffew... But I also got to knit. Me and her decided an extra SnB night was in order, but as no-one else was available, I got myself, my yarn and something yummy to her place and we had a great evening chatting, knitting, fondling some of her new stash for Wolhemel (me wants!!!) and watching telly. When I got home, I saw that I had made an incredible mistake in my mittens (as you do...) and spent an hour getting that right again... Haha... But it was a great evening! (Even though it was way later than it usually is...) And we didn't even annoy her hubby ;) I was a bit disappointed though that he wasn't knitting... (sorry J...)
Regular SnB resumes in two weeks' time, as next Wednesday is Sinterklaas and lots of people (at least those who are not celebrating it this weekend) will be throwing gifts at each other over a table ful of candy and hot coco... I love this time of year. And so does my waistline ;)

Some of my favorites:
Banketletter (puff pastry with almond filling) and hot chocolate

Gevulde speculaas (spicy cookie dough with almond filling)

And to nosh on in the car ;): Taaitaai puppets and chocolate letter

Monday, November 26, 2007

First mitten done

Unbelievable, what a few presents, hidden in a ball of wool can do to your determination to finish something. The first mitten is done! I'm quite proud of it, and after a few fiddles here and there it fits like a glove ;) This picture is with the flap...
...and without. I still have to find some cool buttons, preferably safari ones, maybe little giraffes (?) to secure the flap to my wrist whenever not in use. The second mitten has already been started!
I got a question from someone what a nut baby was. Hmm, just what I called this. It's a small dangle for my phone or keyring consisting of a 'nut' with a 'baby' in it. No other way to describe it really, but really cute... ;)
Here's another one I whipped up yesterday, a cover for an MP3 player. I thought it was the one we bought for my BIL for Sinterklaas, but it turned out to my big S's old one. Haha... So, tonight I'll knit another one. Quick and easy, 20 stitches in the round, 2K2P, making a bit of a zigzag with a flap and a button. Easy peasy.
And my frame of mind last night (glass of wine, brie, candles...), all quiet on the Western front, despite two teething alarms (darn molars) in the evening and again during the night (yawn...). Off to the swimming pool now!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Magic Ball

Yeah, it arrived! My Magic Ball! It was a whole lodda Autumn goodness. Just the colour I wanted, thank you! When I unwrapped the package, two little dino's (sorry, already confiscated by the child-police, so not in the picture, a note book and a self-made bag (made out of table plastic, I sooo still have a cool project in mind for that stuff, comparable to Kitsch Kitchen, like their bike saddle cover) fell out. I started knitting right after dinner and made a start with the flap mittens I had promised myself.

I had already printed out the pattern from the Wolhalla site and after some calculations it was knit, knit, knit. Despite some destractions from poking little fingers, I'm now at this stage. I also found a little light, some face lotion and shower gel and a little purse with a nut baby in it. Plus chocolates, but these died a soft, warm death IN MY BELLY (Scottish Austin Powers accent please). Wee H made a few knots in the yarn while trying to poke even more out, so I had to rewind a bit, but we're on schedule again, now. Girl and boy to bed, so time for mommy to upload some piccies and this funny video and then back to knitting!

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Look, okay, I KNOW I was knitting on my LOST sweater last night. But it's not MY fault they lost. All of them...


At least Holland is through to the European Cup, the same cannot be said for the other teams... But it does mean there's no mixed loyalties next Summer! And am I so happy that I'm not Steve McLaren! I would have resigned in the interval, it was g-aweful. No wonder big S downed the entire bottle of red wine before the match was over. David Beckham did try to salvage something from the wreckage, but even his miraculous legs couldn't restore the team. Crap.

On a happier note, the front of my Lost sweater is done, yeah! Will block and take pictures today...

And have yous seen that lovely Bear cardigan on Knitting Daily? Sweeeeeeet...

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


And one of my pictures on Ravelry has been chosen to 'represent' a lovely shade of yarn, Austermann Smaragd Classic Color. *proud*

And sorry, the other nice *pink* template was seriously &^Q"$)(**&%)-ing me off by never aligning pictures properly...

Presents bought, back to knitting

Yoohoo, I got all my Sinterklaas presents in da house! This means no more worrying about what to buy for whom, just a few small items to knit and some poems to write, but the pressies have all been wrapped up and hidden, so time to go back to knitting! I also got the knitting needles size 6 which I needed, so tonight, after some ironing, it's back to the Lost sweater...

Here a first picture of my progress! O yeah, and tonight I've also taken some pictures of the Golden Oldies I mentioned yesterday. My mom seems to have an endless stash of magazines, hidden away in dark cupboards which she is now clearing out to hide Sinterklaas and X-mas presents in... ;)

It's an ancient 'Annie Blatt' and my mom knit several sweaters out of this magazine, some for the Handwerkhuis she knit for and some for us, like this one in white, for me:

And here a few little 'folk' gems, of which the Nordic one is definitely added to my wish list:

This last sweater was a labour of love and after having worn it for years at school and then once again a few years ago for a play, it was gratefully passed on to a good cause:

Monday, November 19, 2007


As promised:

Nah, I know, that's mean... Here's a better picture:

;) Still looking for a box to put it in, but this collection of ???? should be on its way next weekend...

Rip rip.... rip

The same problem she had with her pinwheel, I have with my green sweater. It's o so cuddly, but waaaaaaay too big. So, back to the drawing board. I decided to rip while knitting it up again with a needle a size smaller, changing the positive ease into a bit of negative easy, I hope, to show off my gorgeous svelte figure ;)
But guess what: I don't have size 6 needles! Drama... Only dpns (yep, big ugly, white plastic ones...) and I have to say, knitting a sweater with dpns is not a good idea ;) My armpits and the stitches started complaining after only a few rows. So, to tide me over, I knit Saartjes booties as a surprise gift for someone pregnant, started on my socks for the Vintage Sock Exchange, finished my mittens for the mitten exchange (yep, teaser to come as soon as I can find batteries for my camera, grrr), did some more scrapbooking and finished watching Lost season 2. Season 3 is already lying next to the tv, so as soon as I get proper size 6 needles, I can start on the green sweater all over again...
I also got some cool old magazines from my mom this weekend. Will photograph/scan them later this week to show you some 'golden oldies' we knit in the eighties/early nineties (be prepared to be horrified).

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Proud mummy

Today it was my turn to take wee H to the pool. First because wee H had a birthday party after swimming, which was cancelled, because of an ill birthday girl (awwwhhhh), and then because big S was too sick (poor bloke) to cycle through wind and sleet to get her there. But I was glad I went. H has now progressed to stage 3, which means she is in the DEEP pool. And by deep, I mean big human tummy depth, but for a little 4, nearly 5-year-old, it's mighty deep indeed!
She was a bit awe-struck when the group ran straight for the deep end (she missed last week's class, so wasn't prepared as well) with their floaters. But a few gulps and a kiss and hug from mummy later, she happily jumped in as if she'd never done anything else. There I was, sitting upstairs, glued to the window, waving like a lunatic and giving her the thumbs-up. She did great, I'm so proud! After X-mas, she'll be going to stage 4, if all goes to plan.

On a knitting note, I've contacted my upstream and downstream pals for the Vintage Sock Exchange now, and I'm brimming with ideas... Someone is going to get some local seasonal specialties in her package... All I need is the go-ahead on the yarn and I can start knitting.

In a bit I'm going back downstairs to my Lost sweater, which for tonight only is renamed Heroes sweater. I've a few episodes to catch up, and big S is out (still coughing like mad, but able to cycle) to see a friend, so Heroes it is...

Oops, no piccies again. Will do better in the next post. I had complaints from my mitten exchange pal that I was teasing her by posting the project on Ravelry without pictures (hahaha), so tomorrow I'll give a little teaser...

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Peace returning

We're only two days into our new arrangements, and I am having some trouble 'letting go', but I'm thoroughly enjoying the stricter regime. It seems that the kids are happier too. Mondays and Tuesdays, I'm downstairs in the mornings and upstairs in the afternoon. The mornings I now use to play with Sam (100% attention, as it is supposed to be) and to do housework. I now all of a sudden have 'time' to clean the cooker, dust off the telly and restock the fridge ;) On Mondays we also go swimming, which takes up most of the mornings, and this morning we took a walk out to the shops (while it was still dry) to post my Magic Sock Ball (drum roll somewhere in the Netherlands, even though mine is not going to be as luxurious as the one that was unwrapped today on the Yahoo group, me jealous!!!) and get some diapers.
Working uninterrupted I have to get used to again. I do a lot of blog reading and moving about, but today I noticed it was already better than yesterday, so we're on the up.
Big S is now downstairs with wee H and S play-doh-ing and will cook dinner. Nice. Which means I still have over an hour of uninterrupted work time. Better make use of it ;)
Tonight I'm back on the green sweater, or Lost Sweater as I want to call it, halfway the back now. It's knitting up like a dream. I'm defo going to knit a sweater for wee S out of Fabel! Cheap and super! I've got some basic patterns, so it shouldn't be difficult to get him a nice new garment for Sinterklaas... Maybe I'll knit wee H one too...

Okay, WORK!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Finally gave in

Yesterday I finally decided something needed to change. As some people had already noticed lately, all I was doing was knit, scrap, crochet and read knitting-related blogs, and that not a lot of 'work' was being done. Along with some other things, I was starting to show signs of burn-out. To totally prevent that happening, me and big S had a chat and decided that he will have to take over a bit more of the child-care and that I am moving my 'office' from the kitchen table to the attic. Today he has moved a little desk and chair up there and rearranged an entire set of shelves to make room for my stuff. I hope to now finally find the peace and quiet I need to concentrate on work instead of having to pull wee S out of drawers, from chairs and sofas and out of the curtains all the time. As I am the main breadwinner, something had to be done to keep me from losing my sanity and us from losing our house (slightly overreacted, but the first one was close to happening).

On a happier note, my green sweater is getting along great. I'm only allowed to knit on it when we're watching Lost (we got season 2 on loan), and after 12 episodes I had finished the front of the sweater (it is quite long). I decided not to bind off any stitches, but to put them all on waste yarn, so I can kitchener the two bits together and then later do some magic with the sleeves as well. As usual, I already have the project finished in my head ;)

As big S is out today, no Lost, so I'm going to try and do some work on my mittens for the exchange, which have been lying in my bag until I got some inspiration to finish them. I did make some nice stitch markers for my pal, hope she likes them. I made some for the recipient of my Magic Sock Ball as well, and it's all wrapped up and ready to be sent off tomorrow.

Oh, totally forgot! Yesterday, we all went to the Hobbybeurs (Craft Fair) in Leeuwarden and it was great! I hadn't expected a lot, but it had dramatically improved compaired to two years ago when I went. As I now had a mission ;), it was a lot easier to also enjoy the stands I wanted to visit. A great wee stand was Scrapitz (new shop in Drachten with, you guessed it, scrap things). I bought loads of backgrounds there. I also got buttons from Grootmoeders Knopendoos, and beads from several stands to make stitch markers out of. It was my first attempt at them, and I have to say: addictive! Yep, I needed another hobby (not)...

This morning I finished the second page of wee S's scrap album. I took some pictures, but with the lighting and all not being too brilliant, I have to admit they can look a lot better. I'll try again tomorrow during the daytime, but because I'm a bit text heavy, here they come!

The ultrasounds at 20 weeks, when we found out our wee Kermit was going to be a boy!

And some of the last pictures pre-birth, with a cut-out from the card my sister sent me to wish me good luck. Yep, that's me with my laptop on the maternity bed in the baby room... and wee H pulling weird faces, as usual ;)

You can click on them for close-ups!

Friday, November 9, 2007


Yesterday, when my mom picked my up to go see 'As it is in heaven' (Så som i himmelen), she brought some stuff from way back when. She is one of those people who hoard patterns, yarn, books etc., and then come out with them to surprise you at the most unexpected moments. As I was experiencing a bit of a dip yesterday, these patterns (and the movie...) really cheered me up.
She got these great Mickey, Jan Jans en de Kinderen and Jip en Janneke patterns (the last two are very Dutch) for sweaters and other embroidery. Wee H fell in love with Minnie straight away, as she would, and as we're going to a craft fair this afternoon, I'm bringing the pattern to see if I can get some nice cotton to make a sweater for her and the other little monster.

My mom also brought a booklet of standard sweater patterns (always great to have), where I noticed the pattern for a sweater I wore when I was small, haha... I'll see if I can track down a picture) and embroidery letters with little clowns, super cool for personalising towels or swaddling cloths etc.

But where she really got me, was when she pulled out embroidered 'paintings' I made when I was younger. I made LOADS, and I really mean LOADS, probably about 20 (I really liked embroidery and most of it still adorns the walls at my mom's house), and these two were taking out of their frames and stored away.
And I can remember this one too, both pictures were quite hard as there were so many shades of white and cream... We're definitely going to get some frames for them and put them in our hallway, which is nearly ready for decorating.

And the movie? Wow. If you haven't seen it (like me, despite a 10 month run here in Leeuwarden), GO AND SEE IT NOW. It's a film house movie, but should also be available in video stores.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Failed, miserably... My sideways sock
It is so big, that it's even too big for big S. And he's a size 11 (45-46).
I'm going to do recalculations after I finish my green sweater ;)

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

New challenge

Stash will arrive tomorrow ;)

Molar challenge

I can't remember wee H having so much trouble with her molars, but maybe I've repressed it. Wee S is an absolute terror. He screams, cries, throws his toys around the room and is, generally, very angry. At me. At his dad. At his sister. At the chair. At his food. At his mouth. At his bum because it hurts so much because of his teeth. At the potty. At everything. So now, he is back in bed for a morning nap with bungella on his gums and a kiss from mommy. And all is well.
As I was thrown off course workwise as a result, I decided to make a few pictures of what I have been working on since Saturday, the sideways sock, designed by Yvon. Or, as she said it, a product of her warped brain ;) Here a piccie of all of us intently listening to Yvon and making our measurements and calculations.

I wish I had hair like her, apparently it weighs 3 kilos. Sigh.

Luckily my brain is as warped as hers, so I took on the challenge to finish them as soon as I could. I'm now halfway and it looks a bit on the big side, but we'll see how it turns out when it is done. Alterations can always be made, frogging is part of life...

A bit dark, but this is the bottom of the sock. As it is knit sideways, you continuously knit U-shape rows from cuff to cuff over the toe. In the meantime, the toe is increased and the heel decreased. From this point on, the toe will be decreased again and the heel left alone.

The toe, nice and round.

And the sock doubled over to show the decreases in the heel. It took a swatch and quite a few calculations to get to this point. I told you, a warped brain ;)

No pictures of my purchases at the SnB day yet, because I decided to use one in the Magic Sock Ball Swap and the other one may get a special purpose as well... I do however want to share some of my 'brilliant' photographs with you, to prove I was really there. My camera has a very annoying delay, so most are of the backs of peoples heads and lots of arms and waists, but hey...

The great Debbie Stoller, who was presenting her latest book: Son of a Stitch 'n' Bitch (wanna wanna wanna!!!)

Tijm, wearing her prize-winning hat, posing with Jean Moss (photo:Angelique)

On the way back home. Yes, you can knit standing up ;)(photo:Angelique)

Monday, November 5, 2007

SnB Day

All too much... Still trying to sort out all my memories, think about what I want to blog about, trying to find the right photos to go with it (my photos suck, to be honest), make some piccies of my purchases... but first a serious, overdue work deadline...

Friday, November 2, 2007


I just realised I hadn't posted the pictures of the lovely socks Jose knitted for me for Sock Wars. While searching for them, I realised that big S has them on his computer. Mmm... Whenever he is available, I'll ask him to transfer them to mine, so that I can post them. I'm washing them tonight (hand wash... yeah, careful...) and will wear them tomorrow to the Stitch 'n' Bitch Day!!!


Thursday, November 1, 2007

And now for a commercial break...

My friend Angelique is starting up an internet store with her mom, selling... yarn! It's called Wolhemel and they are based in Groningen. More information will become available later, but visit their site and sign up to the newsletter to be the first to know!

A few more days to go...

... until the Stitch 'n' Bitch Day in Rotterdam! I can't wait, getting more and more excited with every post on the forums, groups and blogs I read. I've got a ticket for Yvon's workshop on sideways knitting (oops, better get some more needles first), and am planning to just hover round and soak in the atmosphere, help out here and there and just enjoy chatting and knitting. I got a ride to Rotterdam, which is great, because however cosy travelling by train is, with my back in its current state, I was not looking forward to hard benches. Car journeys are bad enough as it is... Yes, this is coming from a healthy 33-year-old, although I feel like a 80-year-old granny at times... I'm having physio twice a week, when the muscles in my back get the knuckle treatment (ouch), and it seems to be working, because I'm getting a bit more 'flexible', although sitting down for long stretches is still a big problem. I'm also forcing myself to do more walking, so whenever I can, it's to the shops pushing wee S's pram (with him in it, obviously) and I also take him to the nursery on foot (the far one, which he'll be visiting for another month, is about 20 mins walk away).

I just had to link you to Knit and Purl Mama. Her son Sean had the CUTEST outfit for Halloween. He's so adorable... Well done on that one ;) I hope the next one will turn out just as nice! (whenever yous two decide to try again, obviously, haha...) And good luck with the big move!