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Linda, are you getting nervous yet??? I know, knitting is not a competition... LOL...

This afternoon, wee H is going for her A swimming diploma... Let's say mum is as nervous as daughter ;) She should be fine, the teacher was very happy yesterday, and they hardly ever let them go for the exam before they're ready. So, fingers crossed! We're going to have a swimmer without wings iin a few hours!!!


Told you it is addictive to knit with slowly colour-changing yarn... I keep telling myself: 'Oh, I'm just going to knit until the next colour change... and the next... ach what the heck, until the next drop stitch then...'

'What? Half 1 already? Where did the time go????'

By the way, the orange isn't as orange as in the photo, for some reasons it's creating an odd glare... In fact, it's not orange at all... ;)
I really want to knit another Clapotis after this one, to surprise Hannah or Steve, but then with the really crazy colour Zauberball: Tropical Fish. What do you think, will a guy wear a crazy coloured scarf like this?
Hooked, me is...

By the way, the new issue of Knotions is out! I love the fact that they have some projects with both knitting and sewing, which look very cool. I am probably going to knit Rubina for Hannah...

Booty calls...

Of course I bought stuff at the Handwerkbeurs as well! After helping out at the Wolhemel stand for a bit, I did a quick run around the fair. So many gorgeous things to see and do! But if you're on a bit of a budget, both financially and time-wise, it's best to walk around with blinders on, focused on what you really need to get, trying not to get sidetracked too much.
But, if you're around all that lovely yarn at Wolhemel, convincing people to buy it and feel it and use it, well... then you want some for yourself too!
So, I caved in and bought:
Zauberball, colour: Cranberries from Schoppel Wolle
This will be turned into a Clapotis, after I saw hers (not added yet to projects, I noticed...).
More Malabrigo Superwash sock yarn, colour: Lettuce. For Salida, first pattern repeat is done and I love it already. The colour is nearly-solid, with lovely bits of lighter and darker green.

And then, to keep the spinner inside me happy, this:
200 grams of merino/silk roving from The Spinners.…

Happy Birthday!

To my lovely 6 year old girl... Who is extremely tired after a weekend of partying, opening presents and eating sweets... ;)
Thank you all for the cards, pressies and messages!

And of course, Miss Cutie was very happy with these:

More project info on my Ravelry page...

Tired now, after an afternoon hard grafting & shopping at the Handwerkbeurs and a weekend of partying... Now working on Salida and Clapotis, so I'll write more about those in my next post!!!

From white to pink

One of my favourite websites at the moment is All in Wonderland. Be honest, wouldn't you love a pink toolbelt too? Or a pink magnetic hammer? A pink spork? A pink hardhat?
And for all the Flyladies among us: feather dusters and vibrating timers!

And if you were looking for MC's and reusable pads... They have 'em... Just so you know... ;)

Colour 'n things...

A white wall... well, nearly, just a few patches to touch up (note to self: by daylight!) here and there. And mystical powers have created a perfect circle in the middle of the wall where the paint is much whiter than around it... Strange...
And some projects! My Hourglass socks are done. Love the colour and feel of the socks but.... they are very saggy and a bit big. Socks for my boots! I might frog back a bit and shorten the foot, but when I pull them up they seem fine, probably because of the combination of a lacey pattern and my voluptuous calves... ;)

And some WIPs, firstly my Chullo, in Alpaca, still a bit doubtful whether I made the right choice there, but I'll try it on after the next 2 patterns and then decide...
And socks in a yarn I got gifted for my sock blanket. As it was a full ball, I thought I try some socks first. Well. What can I say. These are being frogged back and I'll try to make them with Lieke's Pieken & Dalen pattern.... This is not really my tast…

Birthday knitting

Big hoot, the paint ran out before the wall did... But big S was very surprised and will help me put another coat on (red-brick wall and white paint = odd yellow patches here and there...). Pictures as soon as normality is restored in the Moss house...

But, big Bday coming up for wee H, she'll be 6 in 10 days. Which gives me 10 days to knit something for her. She already has a Nintendo DS (yes, shame on us, parents, for getting it for me and her from our Xmas money), a big girl bike, a new coat, enough clothes to dress an orphanage and enough books to fill a library. Not to mention all the puzzles, craft stuff, hairclips etc. So I got her a new set of underwear and some perfume (well, the stuff for little girls with princesses on it that promises to smell nice), and besides that I'm going to knit. She wants a scooter, but we also have a granny and auntie who want to give some presents, so I don't want to exhaust the gift pond too much ;)

Here are my knitting/crochet goals fo…

Sore arm

And no, not knitting... But having fun nonetheless....
Have a look at our blog to see what I'm up to...

Let them eat cake

The Telegraph and the Bloggies 2009 committee agree with me. This is one of the most hilarious weblogs out there at the moment.
Please, when visiting, don't drink coffee and watch the photos at the same time. It's too dangerous for your computer... ;)

Cake Wrecks

Plus... sssssht... Yarn Harlot has also been nominated for a Bloggie!