Friday, March 27, 2009

A good moan

Always helps... Salida's are done, I started on a bag with black self-spun wool and I decided the pink yarn I got at the Maxx is not going to turn into a girls sweater, not even into the sweater I cast on yesterday, but into this.
And tomorrow I'm going into town to buy biological seed-potatoes, and if I can get the time, do some digging at the allotment... O yeah, and try and make that horrible deadline that is flying towards me reaaaaaaal fast...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A tight knit

Knitting time is tight these days. Work is busy, and add meetings, swimming lessons, dental appointments, birthday parties and all that thang into the mix, and you're left with precious little knitting time.
I did get some knitting done last week, a Celestine, in a beautiful blue cotton yarn, for one of my bestest friends to give away as a baby shower gift. She doesn't knit, but loved the Celestines I made, so asked me to knit one for her. Knit on 2.5 needles, it was a tight knit, but it turned the yarn into a nice dense fabric, perfect for a baby toy. Unfortunately, the camera was in Zeeland, at the Marillion convention, with husband, and I forgot to take a picture with my phone, so you'll have to believe me on this one... ;)

Salida is coming on beautifully. With same friend and a few more (there was 11 of us), we spent the night in a beautiful farmhouse, with lots of food, wine and good company. And my Salida ;) I turned the heel on the second sock, so I should have a nice pair by the weekend.

I also managed a second visit to the Maxx last Saturday, with kids (yes, WITH kids). I bought two bits of fabric and pink yarn. Of course, pink, although I did ponder deep and hard about the dark blue for a sweater for husband. But, as usual, I didn't exactly know how much yarn I would need for a big man sweater, so I left the yarn, hoping there will still be some left the next time I go (WITHOUT kids, really!). The fabrics I bought, will be turned into a dress for wee H. The yarn will also be knit up into something wonderful, hopefully for me. See, when it comes to women and pink, there's no pondering about whether to buy the yarn or not :) And to be honest, that was all the bike points spent, so better luck next time, hubby! Same applies, pictures and decriptions and some possible projects are to follow!

But, although I have plenty of ideas, inspiration and stash... apart from what's on the needles, nothing much is happening. I need to get my knitting mojo back! What happened to this girl???

Yup, that's me, with my mitred blanket... Hadn't posted it before, 'cause I was still fuming about them misspelling my name in the article inside ;) But, well done, Friesch Dagblad, for putting knitting back on the map! And I also saw this little video, on the Telegraaf site (yes, I admit, it's my Internet paper of choice these days), about kids learning to knit again. Yes, they have degenerate mothers, you see, who don't know how to knit anymore. Bad mommies... Go join your kids, and learn how to knit!*

Right, time to print out some paperwork for yet another meeting tomorrow, and then it's off to the sofa to give my precious and sore back a bit of horizontal time...

By the way, has anyone got a kilo of seed-potatoes (early ones) for me?

* D., you're welcome to follow private lessons here ;)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Here's my clapotis in the process of blocking, after being slightly stretched. It doesn't need much, just a bit of flattening... I love the colour changes here, nice and subtle... The next one will be done in a bolder colour, and a bit wider and longer, I think. But this one is just long enough to wear under my winter coat!

And the first Salida. Again, such a gorgeous colour of Malabrigo sock yarn! I'm interesting to see how this one keeps up, it fits perfectly, so I hope that after a few washes it still does that. And yes, I have fat ankles. Get over it ;) (And yes, I'm not a photographer, haha...)

And here's a quick update on my second attempt (and hopefully this time successful) at knitting two socks toe up at the same time, in a simple Regia bloke colour. For hubby :)

Right, I'm off to the Maxx to see if there's any sock yarn left...

Monday, March 16, 2009


No, not III, but ill. Yuck. Feel like I'm shouting all day, because my ears are blocked. As is my throat. And my nose. Great combo...
I do have progress, such as a finished clapotis (worn at the moment, unblocked as of yet), the first of my Salida socks (beautiful!!!), started on a pair of socks for big S, and I got asked to knit a Celestine as a baby shower gift.
Hopefully I can get the camera to do make some pictures tomorrow for me. Should take off clapotis and block it. Nah... hot soup first...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spring Knitty

Is out!

More news on my knitting this weekend, I hope...

Monday, March 2, 2009

Plans for spring

Now that the big work rush is over, I have a bit of time to look over my project list for what I want to do knitting/crafting-wise. The fact that the new Twist Collective is out, doesn't make it any shorter, lol... Beautiful stuff! I've added about 6 projects to my wish list...
As a result, I've had to scrap some too. Chulho will be frogged, as will Sam's sweater. I will cast on a bigger sweater after the summer for him. He's got so many clothes, he would never wear it before the next cold spell, so it would just be a shame for me to keep on knitting... I already had my doubts about Chulho and the gauge, and the fact that I see buds popping up everywhere, doesn't help with knitting a warm hat ;)
Instead, I'm going to (finally!) start on my spring coat again. The fabric has been lying in wait for about a year, and if I get my skates on, it will be done in time for when springtime really hits our shores...

In order to also fund those lovely projects in Twist Collective, I've decided to reward myself for every cycle trip I do. This means I get rewarded twice: cycling is good for me AND I get to buy some lovely patterns! The trip does need to be longer than 30 mins, and I can only get one reward per day. Reward points will be added to the right, so if you don't see it move for a bit, give me a nudge...

Sunday, March 1, 2009


I twit, I tweet, I twat?


Yes, me on there too...