Wednesday, February 27, 2008

SKP 2008

I've joined

Sounds like fun!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I've had these Owlishly patterns for a while now, but only last week got round to finally making one. Meet Violet, Faith's sister.
Hannah loves her!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Another year! How time flies... Tomorrow this little girl will be 5. This was her last year, just before starting school. And now she's all big and smart and wise...
Because I'm so proud of my princess, I decided to make the cake she really wants, with strawberries and chocolate. Well, that's not really a punishment is it... We made the base together, the rest had to stay a surprise for tomorrow morning, and also made and decorated some little cakes to hand out at school, all wrapped up in nice foil with pink ribbons. The apple pie for the 'grown-ups' is in the oven...

Sunday, February 17, 2008


Thanks for the compassion re. wee S's poxies. Luckily, he behaves as if nothing is wrong. He just looks awful! Especially since this morning, when he decided to hit his head on the rabbit cage. Ouch... So not only a poxy face, but also a huge bump right next to his eye. No itching yet, but the calendula is a good tip to prevent scarring. We don't want that.
And no, they don't do pox jabs here. They jab you for everything else, but not chicken pox. It is quite a harmless disease, and the earlier (after age 1) you get it, the better. We're still not sure whether wee H ever had them, cause she was exposed loads of times, but never had marks. Well, proof will be in the pudding in a few weeks time...

Haha, and the shoes... Mmm, was thinking of returning them, because even with shining them, after a few meetings with salt (because of snow), they lost a bit of their lustre... Will try harder, and I can also put some real black dye polish on them...

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sideways revisited

Pattern: Sideways sock by Yvon (Storm op Zolder)
Yarn: Berkenblad BFL sock wool (Storm op Zolder)
Needles: 2.5 mm Profi bamboo circs

After trying to knit Anastacia with this yarn, I frogged that sock and thought about what other pattern I could use to knit up this lovely yarn. And then it hit me: I still wanted to try the sideways socks again. After reading the instructions again, I saw where I went wrong: I had measured from the heel to the toe instead of the heel to the ball of the foot. That does make a BIG difference, so this time, it did make sense... I am still going to make some adjustments to the calculations with my next sock, to make it a bit tighter still. But I really like the effect of the yarn knit up this way. Happy. On to sock nr. 2!

And other news from the FF household:

Yes, chicken pox... Finally...

Saturday, February 9, 2008


I hardly ever do these things, but because I was personally invited by Monique, I couldn't say no ;)

4 Jobs I've Held:
Dutch teacher
Publishing project editor

4 Movies I like:
As it is in heaven
Moulin Rouge

4 Places I've been:
Kuala Lumpur

4 Places I've Lived:

4 TV Shows I Watch:
Project Catwalk
Holby City
Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes

4 Radio Shows I Listen To:
Omrop Fryslan
Radio 1
5 Live

4 Favorite Foods:
Fried rice
Home-made bread

4 Places I'd Rather Be:
Macchu Pichu (Peru) (I'm joining Monique)
Koh Samui
In a hot bath with candles and a ginormous book
In my garden, in the sunshine, with a ginormous book

Read this? You're IT!

Friday, February 8, 2008

My bike will go on...

after it had a major overhaul at the bike shop... But I had two kiddies with very cold bums and a mouldy screen which were shouting for renovation. And, being inspired by Kitsch Kitchen, I decided to get some table covering (yes, the cheap plastic stuff your granny used to fold over the dining table to make sure your jam would not stain her preciously rubbed and waxed hard wood...), and foam and get to work. Here the picture of the seat before Amy's Treatment:

Even though I should have been doing real work, this just had to be done. I got the seat and screen in and made some sketches on brown paper, indicating where the velcro had to go on the seat cushion.

I cut the foam to size and checked whether it fitted. It did! Now it was time to bring Hannah to bed (which took some considerable time, as she has a new high bed, wants loads of stories and songs, and then wants to mattress on the floor because it's still too scary), get some Dutch courage (i.e. wine), haul the sewing machine out of the cupboard under the stairs and REALLY get to work. Scissors out!
While my hands were still steady, I cut the plastic for the seats. The whole cover had flowers, dots and stripes, and I decided on stripes for the seat. He is a boy after all, don't want it to look too girly.
And colourful dots for the screen. Not quite in the middle, but I didn't want it to look too polished... ;) (oh go on, blame it on the wine... haha)
Time to start sewing! First I sewed on the velcro on the back bit of the cushion. I've sewn enough diapers to know that otherwise it goes through both layers, and because there is foam in the middle, IMPOSSIBLE! See, I am good at planning ahead! (A sip of wine to congratulate myself) Then right sides together and off you go. Not too fast, because the fabric rips really easily... Check whether you're using a needle which is thin enough and don't put the holes to close together, it will pull the fabric. If you can adjust the tension, loosen it a bit. Leave the bottom open, otherwise you can't turn the fabric (duh, sip of wine).
Now comes a tricky bit: turning the fabric right side out. Take your time. Make sure you nip the corners a bit, so the fabric doesn't pull too much and starts ripping. Fill up your wine if you need some more to steady your hands. I just used 3 cm velcro, the hard side with hooks, cut up into squares. If you want to do it really fancy, make circles, but come on, after a full glass of wine?

Sew up the bottom neatly and gloat!

Time for the screen (and another sip): put the two bits of fabric on top of each other and sew them together, keeping the top open. Same thing, nip the corners and turn out.
Zigzag the top closed and now comes the fun bit. Cut the old screen and pull out the wire. Sew a tunnel at the top of the screen, slip the wire in and close up the sides. I went round the whole screen again, to make sure that it didn't flap. Plus it looks a lot neater!
Slot the screen back in, screw the sides and hey presto: done! I think I deserve some crisps to go with that wine...

Socks in the making

Here's the progress with my socks. It's quite fun knitting different socks at the same time. It does wonders for you brains, because I try to remember the patterns and to them by heart. Even the Pomatomus is going quite well without peaking at the pattern!

Pomatomus, pattern by Cookie A., published by Knitty.

Monkey, pattern by Cookie A., published by Knitty.

Anastacia, pattern by Pepperknit.

These last socks will be frogged (aaaaahhhhh), because I love the pattern and the yarn, but not together... The yarn is too stripey and I foresee great problems when I knit the other sock with the lace the other way... So I'm on the lookout for another fun pattern to knit, toe-up with my Storm op Zolder yarn...

In the meantime, Jeanie has grown to about 70-80 cm (pre blocking). Slowly but surely we'll get there...

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A head full of ideas

What a change a few skeins of wool can make!
I have now got 4 projects on the needles:
- Pomatomus socks (Fortissima)
- Anastacia socks (Yvons yarn)
- Monkey socks (Araucania)
- and my Jeanie ;) (Malabrigo)

My plan is to do a repeat of something and then switch over to the next project. I've reached the heel now with the Pomatomus (my first ever patterned sock I tried to knit and horribly failed to understand, but I've got it now!), am halfway the foot with Anastacia (easyyyyy, once I got past the toe, and I actually like knitting with bamboo needles) and the Monkeys (I LOVE THIS YARN!) are 2 repeats gone. No more socks, because all my 2,5 circs are in use.

Tonight, if I dare go outside, I am probably going to measure up and cut the material for new seat cushions on the bike for the wee ones, plus a new screen. I feel inspired! My bag with projects to show tomorrow at SnB will be overflowing...

Saturday, February 2, 2008


Today I took my daughter H to the Craft Fair in Zwolle. What a success! She had great fun from beginning to end, from the moment we stepped on to the bus till coming home!
We travelled to Zwolle with Simone, and while we were knitting away, H was counting trains, bridges and houses outside. And ate all the sandwiches and an entire apple (I got one wedge, how nice...).
Once there, weathering a short blizzard, we homed in on the 'pimping' table, where H got stuck into decorating a lovely box and then pulled off her skirt, so I could Hotfix that as well :) The results can be seen on Youtube here:

After this, we had to run to be in time for our second workshop, making a friendship band. It took a while, but Hannah did like it a lot. She had this thing about the black strand, which was a spider and she didn't want to touch it. The silver strand was her favourite. We worked on it again on the train back home and should be finished with it soon. Results on photo soon!

Then it was off to the fashion show, where we met up with Monique and her daughter B. The two girls hit it off straight away!

The two of them also felted an egg (styrofoam), which will have pride of place on our Easter table. H thought the big needle was a bit scary, but got stuck in and we made a colourful creation. It has already been introduced to the sticky, plucky hands of wee S, but is still alive...

On the way back, H did pose for a knitting picture. We practiced last night, and I have to say, she's not bad! If I hold and loop the yarn, she can do the rest. So much fun! She definitely takes after her mother in this respect. She also loved watching the women that were spinning and weaving at the fair.

And this is just too cute. Wee H knitting (or pretending too, haha...).

And here it is!!!! My new STASH!!!! Yes, I set myself a budget and stuck to it. I tried to find some Nomotta Punto, but nobody was selling that. Too plain? Hmmm... I had plans to knit some nice baby stuff out of it, but will have to revise my plans... But what I did buy:

Auraucania Ranco Solid, greenish-blue sock yarn and Profi bamboo circs 100 cm (yes, I'm trying bamboo, wow!) Bought at the Wolhalla stand.

Yum yum yum Yvon yarn: BFL sock yarn, colourway Berkenblad, from the one and only Storm op Zolder.

Fabel sock yarn, PINK!, selected by the wee H herself from the stand of Wolhemel.

And some embroidery cotton, to finally make wee S's Nijntje birth 'painting'. Wee H's was so cool, that I wanted to make the twin for wee S, but I had lost it and only found it recently. So, as soon as either Jeanie or my new socks I started last weekend, the Poto-Pomo-Pamo-Pomatomi (pfew), are finished, this will be started.

I managed not to buy any fabrics, or knicknacks, or buttons. Very proud of myself. Only necessary stash... And already updated on Ravelry too!