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I love Kenny!

Even though I had promised to do it earlier, only today did I find the time to do some blocking. I had also finished my Drops top, so both my Saskia and top went into a little bath and then outside under a towel (in the case of the top) and onto the bed, stuck down with pins to keep it in shape (in case of the shawl).
The top came out great. It fits nicely (even though knits can sometimes look huge!) and I love the neckline with the ruffle, which gives just a little (ahum) boost to my bust.
And boy, do I look slim! (Yes yes, I know, still several pounds to go, but the 70kg mark is drawing nigh... - don't look at the mess in our hallway...)

Pattern: Yoke top
Yarn: Drops Alpaca, both single and double thread.
Needles: 4 and 5 mm, knit in the round.
Size: I knit size L, and probably would have gotten away with a size M. I also realize I don't like knitting this much stockinette, but the promise of the yoke kept me going :) I did not use as much yarn as indicated, so I will use the…

Another Sophie...

Another baby girl, another Sophie! I wanted to try a combination of knitting and some sowed-on patches, and when I got this fabric a few weeks ago in a RAK, I just knew that I had to combine it with a nice 'old' soft pink yarn.
In my stash I had enough balls of Patons Fairytale 4-ply to knit a sweater (which I actually started, but frogged), and when I touched it, I thought it would be perfect for a cuddly bunny.  For the stitching (the eyes and nose, the little heart -  bless - and to sew on the fabric) I used grey alpaca from my stash and the gifted fabric, light pink with little flowers. It's just beautiful!
On little Sophie's bum I stitched a patch with the letter 'E', to make sure everyone knows it belongs to the baby girl who will get it tomorrow!
A big kiss to you all from Sophie E! (Who can't wait to cuddle little Elbrich tomorrow morning!

Friday favourites

Hydrangeas, lemon balm and coriander flowers from the garden, in one of my favourite finds from the thrift shop, a lovely jug. One of those jugs you pay too much for, but which has the potential to fetch thousands according to the bloke on the Antiques Road Show, being - of course - an antique, 'if only it didn't have that chip on the edge' (not visible here).
The house is filled with flowers these days, as the garden and the allotment are brimming. I so love my hydrangeas! (Don't believe me? Here's my business website)
Knitting again soon :) Promise... My Saskia is finished (has been for a while) and it will be blocked later today, I have finished another Sophie, which will be given the final touches today, and my Biedermanns are also nearly done.  
Despite it still being busy here - but manageable - and the kids being at home as school's out, I am finally getting some free time to knit, work on the allotment and enjoy our summer. We love summer, we dooooo..…

A weekend in Bruges

Loved. It. Only a few days away, but a great way to start the summer holidays!


I got the idea from her and immediately knew what I was going to do with it... A bag for Hannahs teacher, as today is her last day at school before the summer holidays!
It was a bit last minute, so I spent both football games - which both yielded exactly the right results (and way longer until late into the night) cutting up bags and crocheting away with my plarn.
It is bit unwieldy, but such fun to do! It was quite an undertaking to get the colours I wanted, but thanks to the AH, Makro, Blokker and Aldi bags stashed in our attic and one visit to the shops, I had enough bags in enough colours to turn them into a nice new bag.
(and back)

It is big enough to put the jar with home-made strawberry-rhubarb jam in and Hannah's teacher will be 'making the blitz' on Sunday, when Holland are playing the World Cup final against Spain!

And today as well: HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVE! Nothing nicer than waking up to a gorgeous cake. Well, he could have done without me shoving a camera i…

Je maintiendrai

A month ago I dove into a few serious deadlines, and yesterday I emerged: luctor et emergo! In the meantime I finished GP book 3, wrote book 4 from start to finish, translated 2 travel guides (one of which I finished in 3 days - over 40K, must be a world record), completed a 40K medical translation and had loads of those little business jobs that come up and can't be refused. Add to that a test translation for a thriller, filling in the VAT returns, several interpreting stints at the police station, trying to keep the weeds in the allotment under control (unsuccessfully) and bottling up jars and jars of strawberry jam, and I really have no idea how I managed to survive and remain sane. June was hectic. But it's over now. It's July!!! (And 'we' are in the semi-finals of the World Cup - just to rub it in ;) )
All that hectic business here in the house had its effect on my knitting time. There was hardly any, as usually I would work until around 11, watch some telly a…