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I'm a ravthlete! And a proud mommy! And an accomplished author!

I got this ravatar for completing my Skews! Thank you!!! Sooo proud!
I have been wearing them since I finished them and I love the design. I think it will be knit a few more times. And then without mistakes... I hope ;)

Deze ravatar kreeg ik voor mijn affe Skews! Dankjewel, ik ben er zo trots op!
Ik draag ze al sinds ze klaar zijn en ik vind het ontwerp echt geweldig. Die ga ik zeker nog een paar keer breien, en dan zonder foutjes... hoop ik ;)

It was Hannah's 7th birthday on Sunday, and she (finally, finally, finally) got her ears pierced...

Hannah werd zondag 7 en ze kreeg (eindelijk, eindelijk, eindelijk) oorbellen...
And then this morning the baker delivered this cake: 'Thank you for the hard work'. From my publisher. Thank you! YUM!

En vanochtend stond de bakker op de stoep met een appeltaart: 'Bedankt voor het harde werk'. Van mijn uitgever. Dankjewel! JAMMIE!

Finish line

My first Ravelympics project is finished!!! Like thousands of people I'm knitting like a madwoman during the Olympics, and it's great fun to knit 'in competition'.

Meet Skew: I knit these socks in about a week, and with all that is going on here, that's quite an achievement! I loved the knit, even though I made plenty of mistakes here and there - but these were easily fixed.

And yes, the socks are the same length, I just pulled up one more than the other, and was too lazy to make another picture... :)

The sock is really the creation of a mathematician, the heel is a great fit and very clever!

Over de finish

Mijn eerste Ravelympics-project is klaar! Net als duizenden andere breisters ben ik druk aan het breien tijdens de Olympische Spelen en het is erg leuk om zo 'in competitieverband' bezig te zijn.

Zie hier Skew: deze sokken heb ik in ongeveer een week gebreid, en met alles wat er hier allemaal gaande is, vond ik dat best snel! Het was erg leuk breien, hoewe…

Reality bites

After about a week of worrying about my mom, who is now on the regular surgical ward and recuperating slowly but surely, reality is hitting home. I have to finish another 20K on a book by the end of next week (well, actually Monday, but I wheedled a few more days out of them), 1.5K of translations for tomorrow, 10 PDF pages for another project translated by Monday and then a pregnancy book (I'm not even counting the pages of that one, 'cause it hurts too much) for the end of the month. Oh yeah, and I'm looking forward already to finishing off my VAT returns :S

In other words, reality is biting me in the butt a bit. It's great when you're self-employed and can go to hospital to see your mum every day (several times if needs be), but eh... who takes over at work? Nobody :(

At home, things are running quite smoothly. The big Man is helping out where he can, cooks most evenings, helps me with the laundry (even though he still has to take a crash-course in hanging and f…

Baked out

In times of crisis, I bake. As soon as you see me whipping up one load of cookie dough, cake mix and chicken roast after another, you know there's something up. And this week, there was plenty of baking:
- around 60 cup cakes: plain vanilla, chocolate and carrot cake, with vanilla, chocolate and cream cheese icing
- a dozen raisin buns
- a dozen brown buns
- 2 white loafs
- 3 brown loafs
- cauliflower-potato bake
- pizza
and I bet I forgot some stuff too.

There was plenty of reason for all this baking too. Last Wednesday, my mom had her operation. She was admitted on Tuesday, and after seeing the gynaecologist, anesthesist, dietician, thrombosis nurse, ward nurse, stoma nurse and countless interns and other nurses, she was wheeled off early Wednesday morning.
Too many hours (and a batch of brown buns later), we got the phone call: operation a success, but patient quite ill. Instead of returning back to the ward, she was transferred to ICU. My mom had lost quite a lot of blood, whic…