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The Tuesday after the Saturday before

Sometimes so much is happening that you barely have the time to catch a breath and sit down and reflect and look back. Sometimes you need to take the time to digest stuff that has been happening.
At the moment, I'm living in sometimes: the busy sometimes during the day and the digesting sometimes at night, when I'm trying to catch up with the rest of the world and with the worldwind of activity in our lives. With new popes, friends in trouble, friend with happy news, kids that want attention, and finding time for a husband, a house and a knitting bag gathering dust.
It's busy. Extremely busy. Just to cheer myself up, I did the accounts for the last few weeks of work, and I suddenly see why it's been so busy. No crisis at Babylonia. No time for crisis. Which is good. But which also means: less time for other plans. Less time for great ideas which are taking shape, which are in the head, shouting: 'LET US OUT!'

Luckily, sometimes you are forced to jump out of the…