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She knits and sews too!

After all that spinning, I decided to get on with some other crafting this week. The first thing I did, was get a project done: Expectation, a design by Dutch Knitting Design. I used that funky yarn I bought at Balloo, and although you can't see the shimmery thread running through the yarn, it really shows up when you wear it. Shows you again that a picture cannot capture all of reality...

The shape is amazing. It wraps all the way around, and especially as this is a shawl for Mermaid, it can even be worn in a way where you tie it around the waist.

This shows you how large it is for me.Quite small, but a nice shoulderette for those chilly nights or visits to a church during the Summer holidays. I am notorious for always wearing shoulderless tops and to not offend people, I will gladly wear this type of bling.

It was nice to knit with something so colourful after spinning the natural fibers, and it inspired me and Mermaid to other things... After this shawl was done, we ran to the …