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Finding your inner diva

Every woman likes to pretend she is a diva. I'm a disco diva. I transferred from puberty to 'womanhood' at the end of the eighties, and when I was 16, (the) disco was my life. Me and my mate Christina spent many a Saturday Night feverishly looking for boys (well, be honest, 'men'...) to seduce and then leave stranded. We were taken, you see, both totally in love with our foreign boyfriends. We would smile, flutter our eyelashes, drink their Bacardi/beer/Martini and then vamoosh. Those were the days... ;)
My disco days are now behind me (saggy bum, saggy boobs, saggy bags under my eyes), but now and again I dare to squeeze my legs in fishnet stockings, paint my nails (fingers and toes) bright red and sing yelp along with INXS.
When I got a huge bag of Gratia de Luxe last year, the disco diva in me awoke again. And a while ago I started knitting a discotastic glittery sweater, which is now finished:
I know that some people would already start itching on seeing the yar…

Temptation Central...

As dear husband had a business appointment in Joure this morning, and I am his personal chauffeur, I was looking for a nice place to go in the meantime. And when you say Joure, you say Ajoure! A lovely store filled to the brim with yarn! I had never been before, but had heard raving reviews from fellow knitters from the area. And it still managed to exceed my expectations! As I was on a 'budget' - with the Breidagen in a few weeks' time - I only got enough yarn for my new mittens and a skein of sock yarn.
With the Cashmerino, I'll be knitting these lovelies... And now I'm home I realize I should have probably bought a second ball of white. Ach well... I'll just start them and if I run out, I can get a ball at the Breidagen :D
The Tausendschon is the same type of yarn I knit my Hat Heel socks with. I just loved that yarn, so I got a different colour combo to knit up some more lovely warm socks. Despite it nearly being Spring, it is still cold enough to need socks…

Dusting off the sewing machine

After creating my own little crafting space in the attic, it was inevitable that I was going to start using it. Last Summer, we bought some nice fabric at IKEA to use for new cushion covers, and, as I was too busy with work and knitting, the fabric disappeared in a box... Until last week! It then took a few more nights of stewing over ideas and designs, and then I realized what I was supposed to make with it: a new cover for our Pello chair. We rescued the chair from a charity shop a few months ago, and the cover was, well, faded and included some interesting 'design elements'. I had washed it a few times, but it just never regained its former glory.
But would the fabric we had not be a bit too loud?
So, first, I decided to sew up a smaller project, to see how the fabric worked. I made a small crochet needle roll from a similar fabric, with a larger print, and some pink. With my confidence in myself and trust in my Husky restored, I got to work. Measuring, cutting, more measurin…

If knitting could change the world...

'Laat ze breien' by Annie M.G. Schmidt from 'Ja Zuster Nee Zuster'

Insteken, omslaan, doorhalen, af laten gaan
Insteken, omslaan, doorhalen, af laten gaan

Als de mannen tussenbeien, eens gezellig gingen breien
Met een knotje van die blauwe gemeleerde wol
Dan was 't uit met die ellende, dan was 't nergens meer een bende
En 't was eindelijk eens vrede op de wereldbol
O, ze moesten toch eens weten dat je alles kunt vergeten
Als je lekker zit te breien aan een babywant
'k Moet het zelf maar eens gaan zeggen, en persoonlijk uit gaan leggen
Aan die UNO secretaris, die meneer Oe Thant

Dan zeg ik

Oe, moet je horen, Oe
Laat ze breien, Oe
't Is zonodig, Oe
Laat ze breien, Oe
Elk staatshoofd in ieder land
Laat ze breien, alsjeblieft, Oe Thant
Anders komt er nooit een eind aan 't bakkeleien
Laat ze breien, Oe
Laat ze breien, Oe
Laat ze breien, Oe Thant

Insteken, omslaan, doorhalen, af laten gaan

Als De Gaulle er aan kon wennen, op niet al te dikke pennen

Leeuwarden was knitmobbed!

It was sooooo much fun! Even though we nearly got arrested, it got dark way too quickly and we should have brought about a gazillion times more flowers... :D Still smiling!
An impression of our evening....
Where we met up. See those two women, girl and baby? Secret knit mobbers! All in all there were about 20 of us, plus the film/photo crew of the Leeuwarder Courant, the newspaper who approached us with the idea and who will be doing a feature on it in Saturday's paper. A link to/with the article will be up then!
At exactly 6PM all of us stopped what we were doing and started knitting. The camera man pulled out his camera and the photographer was shooting away. We knitted for about 5 minutes and then went to leave for coffee. Of course, I wanted to leave our poster, but while I was sticking up the second one, was approached by the Railway police, who showed me his ID and nicely summoned us to leave or else. The camera man was also frowned upon. So, I picked up the posters again and…

Yarn bombing day!