Finding your inner diva

Every woman likes to pretend she is a diva. I'm a disco diva. I transferred from puberty to 'womanhood' at the end of the eighties, and when I was 16, (the) disco was my life. Me and my mate Christina spent many a Saturday Night feverishly looking for boys (well, be honest, 'men'...) to seduce and then leave stranded. We were taken, you see, both totally in love with our foreign boyfriends. We would smile, flutter our eyelashes, drink their Bacardi/beer/Martini and then vamoosh. Those were the days... ;)
My disco days are now behind me (saggy bum, saggy boobs, saggy bags under my eyes), but now and again I dare to squeeze my legs in fishnet stockings, paint my nails (fingers and toes) bright red and sing yelp along with INXS.
When I got a huge bag of Gratia de Luxe last year, the disco diva in me awoke again. And a while ago I started knitting a discotastic glittery sweater, which is now finished:
I know that some people would already start itching on seeing the yarn, and some certainly did shudder when they touched it. With the metal content, it does have a bit of 'rub' when wearing, and however much mohair you put in it, that does not take that away.
The pattern I knitted was the Off-the-shoulder pullover from Vogue Knitting (free pattern). I did notice that there's a difference in how it turns out between when you're a size 0 or a size 12 (let's be generous), but I guess that's true for every garment. What looks lovely on the plastic mannequin in the shop looks different on a woman with real curves (although some are diminishing...). Luckily, I only had to make one alteration with the L size I knitted. After knitting on the cuffs, they were just too loose, so I ripped them out and redid them on 2/3 of the stitches given. Better!
So, from now on, whenever I feel that disco fever rising, I'm just going to slip this one on (I also just have to get some proper leggings (and legs) and a belt, oh, and let's not forget the giant earrings! to go with it...), accept the scratching of metal as 'gentle exfoliation' and dance the night away!

Oh, and some more news: from next week our house will be on the market... Exciting!!!


Ladyknit said…
Spannend! En blijf de diva in je koesteren, ook al ben je straks 80!
Tijm said…
Oe oe oe See that girl, watch that scene, This is the Dancing Queen!!!!!

Wat een grappig stukje!
Je straalt helemaal als disco bab!

Succes met de verkoop.
We were sisters separated at birth. I love the humour and honesty of your posts! That sweater takes me right back...slouch socks, those little neon rubber bracelets running right up my arm, BIG earrings, BIGGER rock the look, sister!
Ammerins said…
Oh, Steph, I just have to find that picture of me with the perm.... Sixteen and dangerous :lol:
MoniqueB. said…
hij is prachtig geworden. Ik vind het brilliant dat je in dat rare bolletje garen zó iets moois zag.
Ik hoop dat je huis gauw verkoopt!

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