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The knight and his trusted steed

Apart from the dragon, the set is complete! The knight is protecting his princess against an unknown threat and his white horse is awaiting... To arms!
This is where I found them...

First crops are in!

Yesterday, me and wee H went to the allotment to put the first crops in. Oh, is this fun or not! We had bought strawberries and raspberries, had some seeds for sunflowers and then got some lettuce plants too (from the friendly caretaker, and we also got a huge lettuce to take home and eat, to get us in the mood, cute!). And today I got actual sunflower plants and 3 courgettes. That should get us going! Hannah looks so cool in her outfit, I'll take a proper picture of the back to show you what I did with it...

The princess and the dragon

New project on the crochet hook. Fun! Present for a little princess celebrating her 2nd Bday on Sunday (pssssssst, no telling...). This little princess will be accompanied by a knight, his steed and a dragon... Just need to get some dark-green acrylic yarn...


I am a

What Flower
Are You?

Pictures of our allotment

As you can see, a lot of work! But great fun!


The allotment was a bit cross with me for calling it a veggie patch. Okay, sorry. Allotment it is!
I also got rid of my black hair dye, by the looks of it;) I love the comment feature, haha...

We were allotted our allotment today. We have a nice patch quite near the end, which is good. This means we can experiment in peace and not that many people will see us make all those beginner mistakes and comment on the fact that we will be growing parsnips. Don´t ask. Husband has a say in this too. And he likes to try parsnips. He is brrrrritisj after all. ;)
After we got our patch, we raced off to the garden store and got ourselves some overalls. I'm pimping wee H's tonight, so they'll look like proper girly overalls, instead of just a red outfit. I'm still thinking of a nice way to pimp my own (Steve passed on the pimping, very clever).
What else are we going to plant? A third is already filled with potatoes, which are meant for the local foodbank (what a great idea!). We will p…

Perfect 10?

An update on my 10... (read back a looooong time ago):
1. A pink bra. CHECK!
2. The Knitter's Bible: Knitted Accessoires. *she started blushing* no action as of yet.
3. Mud Pack. CHECK!
4. Photo frame. CHECK!
5. Bar of soap. CHECK! Is being used, yummm
6. Bakbijbel. CHECK! First recipe has been tried, was not v successful *blush*, hence no entry. Will try something with chocolate soon.
7. Hair dye. CHECK! I used the red. The black is going to be gifted (anyone?), not my colour, be honest... I'll probably will turn into a mousy blonde again this Summer.
8. Book. CHECK! I put it on (Dutch auction site), but no sale. Luckily, we were luckier with a few other items, cause we got enough to buy a Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii...
9. Fabric for wee H. Nope.
10. Fabric for wee S. Nope.

9 and 10 are being frozen. No clothes for the kids, they have PLENTY!!! And 2, well, that's knitting related, and quite winterish... So it's put on hold for now... But eh..…

From yarn to yard

Well, not just a yard, but a garden. A real garden, with vegetables in it. (What we have at home is just a bit of grass, some paving and some flowers...) Three of the knitsters in my SnB group have a veggie patch, and as I was interested in getting one too, I went along with Tijm today to have a look at hers and the options available there. Wow. I want. I want. I want!!!
How cool is that! It's going to be hard work, but sooooo worth it! I'm making an appointment with the garden manager, hopefully for the weekend, so I can show big S and wee H what plots would be available and what would be suitable for us. At least now we know what we're going to do during the long Summer when wee H is off school. She can have her own wee plot for strawberries and sunflowers, peas and carrots. I can grow tons of pink flowers, and Steve can grow muscles ;)

And we got a Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii yesterday... Well, we 'almost' paid for it with all the stuff we got on sale on the Internet…

The other sock

Tonight, at SnB I got a lot of new ideas for projects I've got running through my mind, but when it came to what I was going to knit that instant, I was a bit at a loss. A new sock? Hmm... A top? Hmmm... After some rummaging around in my bag, I came across my Pomatomus. Still single. It will now soon be joined by sock nr. 2.

Thanks girls, for another great evening!

Saturday afternoon and rain

Plus a bit of Delia =

Enjoying rhubarb tart with custard, a coffee and my new Berlins on my feet... Heaven!

We've got Hand Foot and Mouth disease here... Thought it was sun allergy at first, but when Hannah also started to get little sores on her hands and feet, alarm bells started ringing. It's very contageous, but as usual, the damage has already been done. Sigh... I hope the kiddies won't suffer too much. Sam had a terrible rash on his bum, and because he is teething as well, I hadn't really checked for sores in his mouth, will do tomorrow morning. As well as ring the doctor, to see if there is anything else I can do except be patient...

Berlin Wall

I can't think of a title more appropriate than this one! Here's my Berlin socks:

See a few blogs back for specs... I'm very happy with them, even though it is not really sock weather here! (After a few days of high 20s, we are at 22C today.)

And here is my wall:

Please ignore the banisters... Just look at the wall. I made that! With big S of course. We also had to do the ceiling, which was not a nice thing I can tell you in the heat we were having, even with the air cooler... Today we put the lights up over the door (halogen), fixed the door frame (ish) and big S is in the process of tacking the laminate down at the stair end (although I can hear him groan, so I assume it's not really going the way he wants it to, oops - o, latest news, crisis averted). Final touches time! Things like plints, hinges for our 'hinding spaces'and then a clear-up. The book cases are in already and one is fully dedicated to eBay/Marktplaats. We have so much * * * * that we need to get…

Paint on my socks?

Luckily, no. But here's a picture to show what I'm up to in between sun bathing and knitting: painting! We've finally got to the finishing touch stage upstairs in the attic. The horrible brown beams are now the colour of the paint on my fingers... Unfortunately it is too hot to do a lot (attic = even hotter, despite the air cooler), so progress is slow...
My first Berlin is finished though! No picture yet, camera batteries are charging (again)...

And a picture I just think is cool. An artist has transformed one of the squares in town into a huge collection of fried eggs. Why? No idea. But then again, that's what art is all about... It just makes you smile.

Mystic Celestine Pentathlon

Or something like it...
Time to upload some pictures of what I've been working on. It was getting a boring here, all work and no play ;)

First up: Celestine number 2! I made it in orange cotton (with a bell inside), because Margriet, the proud mum of baby number 2 (Judith) had the baby room decorated with lots of orange. And it's fit for a little queen!
Yarn: orange cotton, Anker
Needles: 2.5 circs, Addi
Pattern: Celestine, Norah Gaughan

Oh, and here is Celestine 1:
*sorry* didn't get posted in the confusion. Made out of Limone cotton and also a baby toy with a bell in the centre.

And sock number 2 in the Sock Knitting Pentathlon: Berlin. Lace knitting and lots of it. I waited until the Dutch pattern was out, and all the mistakes were eliminated from the original pattern, and set to work. Don't know how long it's going to take me. It's not a straightforward knit...

Yarn: Lambswool by Phildar (51% lambswool, 49% acrylic)
Needles: 2.5 circs, Addi
Pattern: Berlin, sock nr 2 …

From shawl to attic

Yes, Mystic Light is done! It's been worn already, just needs blocked (hmm, that's the wrong way round, innit?)
No piccies, cause it's DIY weekend: the attic (or part of it, haha) is getting an overhaul. Despite a visit to the hospital (husband dropped the folding stairs on his thumb, ouch), we nearly got all the basics done... More later!