Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday favourites

Hydrangeas, lemon balm and coriander flowers from the garden, in one of my favourite finds from the thrift shop, a lovely jug. One of those jugs you pay too much for, but which has the potential to fetch thousands according to the bloke on the Antiques Road Show, being - of course - an antique, 'if only it didn't have that chip on the edge' (not visible here).
The house is filled with flowers these days, as the garden and the allotment are brimming. I so love my hydrangeas! (Don't believe me? Here's my business website)
Knitting again soon :) Promise... My Saskia is finished (has been for a while) and it will be blocked later today, I have finished another Sophie, which will be given the final touches today, and my Biedermanns are also nearly done.  
Despite it still being busy here - but manageable - and the kids being at home as school's out, I am finally getting some free time to knit, work on the allotment and enjoy our summer. We love summer, we dooooo...

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Jolanda said...

Wow, een prachtige aanwinst!