Beastie bag

Yes, I did it! I 'designed' my first 'thing'! I bet I'm not the only one who had this idea, but I made it all by myself. *proud gloat*
I've written it all out as a nice doc-file, but as I haven't got a clue how to post files here, it is in this post for you to enjoy (anybody???).

The body:
R1: Make a ring out of 4 ch, fasten, 2 ch (end every row with fasten and 2ch).
R2: 9 dc in ring.
R3: 2 dc in every st.
R4: 2 dc in every st.
R5: 2 dc in every 3rd st.
R6: 2 dc in every 6th st.
R7: 2 dc in every 10th st.
R8-15: dc.
R16: decr every 5th and 6th st.
R17: decr every 5th and 6th st.
R18: make a row with holes, I used 2 ch and skipped 2st.
R19: end with sc in every st (sc or ch).

Without binding off, continue with the trunk.
R1: 18 dc around 1 (or 2) hole(s).
R2-3: dc.
R4: on both sides of the trunk, decr 2 st.
R5-6: front of the trunk dc, back of the trunk sc (this makes the curve).
R7-8: dc.
R9-11: on both sides of the trunk, decr 2 st.
R12: front sc, back dc.
R13-14: dc.
R15: decr 1st and 2nd st, rep. Bind off.

Make a long enough chain and double back on it with sc. (I made it 120 st long.) Weave into the row with holes under the trunk.

Check where you want the ears. Starting from the top of the head:
R1: loop 8 ch st into the body.
R2: 2 sc in every st.
R3: 2 dc in first 4 st (bottom of the ears).
R4: 2 dc in last 8 st.
R5-6: dc.
Repeat for other ear.

Add eyes and off you go!


Tijm said…
Wat ontzettend grappig! Vonden je kinderen hem leuk??
Hannah said…
Ach wat een grappig beesten tasje.

Dank je wel voor het patroon!
MoniqueB. said…
Wat is het een mooi ontwerp geworden, gefeliciteerd, hij is prachtig!
Dat had je nou niet moeten doen: een olifant kiezen! Ik ben gék op olifantjes (ze hebben zulke leuke oren).
Lida said…
Mooi hoor, het is goed geslaagd.
siem said…
Wat een leukertje!!

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