Sunday, October 14, 2012

Back home!

We're back home safe and sound. Lots of experiences, lots of new people, lots of moments of surprise, tenderness and just heartfelt love, and so much FUN! It was amazing!
I have a whole list of people I want to thank for this great trip, first and foremost Monique, without whom I would never have gone to Shetland. I wonder what people were thinking, when they saw us pouring over beautiful lace shawls, trying to figure out the stitch combinations, using Dutch and English abbreviations in a strange mishmash of knitting lingo, taking photos from every possible angle and just ooh-ing and ah-ing at every corner.
I am still trying to come back to earth - I guess I'm still hovering somewhere over Fair Isle, lol - and blog posts are in the making. As the week to come will be extremely busy, I don't know exactly when the blogs will be ready, but they will be worth it!
A little taster...

Counting repeats in Hamnavoe
Following the sheep path at Burra
Some of the beautiful lace knitting in the Shetland Museum
Monique showing her 'Across the beach' to designer Kate Davies (right) and Cathy Scott from Stitch Mastery (middle)
The view out of the window at Voe
Garry at the dyeing pot at the Jamiesons of Shetland spinning mill
Muness Castle on Unst
At the Shetland Heritage Centre, Hazel pulls out more and more shawls to look at
The carding workshop with Drumcarding Divas Neilanell and Liz Lovick
The beach at St. Ninians
More to come!!!


Elske said...

Balloo dit weekend was ook leuk....verzuchtte ze ;-))

Tijm said...

Sprakeloos..........zo mooi!

Aal said...

Awesome, spectacular, amazing! Look out for the blogs ;-)

Siem said...