Monday, May 17, 2010

Call to arms!

I finished Sam's knight's chainmail tunic Sunday, and on Monday morning saw that what I had already feared, had happened. The decreases as per instructions in the pattern just didn't work. I brushed a few tears away when I told the little man he had to take it off again and that mommy would fix it as soon as she got out of the hospital, and put it in the knitting chest again.
Big was the surprise when I was told I could go home today, as my operation (not a biggy, no fear) is not until tomorrow afternoon. So, after all the doctors had a good poke and prod, after enough blood was taken to help out in a war, I got back on the bus home. And of course, finished the knitting ;) And now I have a happy little knight man. Who is blissfully asleep, dreaming of fighting dragons...
Sam with his outfit and his huge dragon sword and armor.
Who can say no to a face like that... Yes, I will be making pants to go with that (anywhere I can get some cheap leather(ette) stuff?) and a helmet!
The clasp does look a bit 'girly', but the little man thinks they're nice and shiny and 'real' silver. And we are talking about men who wore thights, aren't we?

Pattern: Modern Chain Maille, Alison Stewart-Guinee, from Fairy Tale Knits (my Ravelry project page)
Yarn: Drops Karisma, grey, just over 8 balls
Needles: KnitPro 6.0 mm


Stephanie said...

Oh, we MUST get our boys together someday. It will be Star Wars/Spiderman/Knights and Transformer bliss (while their mamas exalt in yarny knitty farmy bliss and their and lounging bliss??) When you mentioned wiping away tears, I pictured them on YOUR face...then an unexpected reprieve and extra time to finish a special item. You're amazing!

MoniqueB. said...

Wat een geluk! Je hoeft je niet te 'vervelen' in het ziekenhuis; maar kan gewoon lekker thuis blijven tot het zo ver is. Yes.

Je ridder ziet er geweldig uit! Het kettinkje is helemáál niet meisjesachtig. Past er juist prachtig bij! Stoer hoor!

Jolanda said...

Het wordt in stuk veiliger in het hoge noorden nu wij een ridder hebben die over ons waakt!


Twig and Toadstool said...

Simply marvelous! (I came to your blog via Stephs sidebar blogroll)
You are a knitting sensation...your son must love his armour!