Saturday, May 8, 2010

From head to hands

This week was chockablock! Not only did I finally get the feedback on my book and did I manage to hand it in hours before the designer had to send off a proof to the publisher (yup, but still in time, haha!), but also fit in one knit night, one theatre performance, a Freedom Festival and some pimpin'. And today, after a busy, mostly dry week - some gardening! As pictures say more than words, here they are!

The cabinet pre-pimp, but after I had already painted the top two drawers ;)

The cabinet post-pimp. With new chrome slimline legs, adding some height, painted dusky pink and beautiful knobs.

I had the choice between marguerites and edelweiss buttons, and as we are slightly crazy about 'that' musical, I chose the edelweiss. Aren't they gorgeous?
While I was painting, my yarn pimp rang. I had ordered loads of Drops Delight and Alpaca (for this and this), so while the paint was drying, I quickly cycled out and picked up my stash.
After clearing out my yarn basket, it now looks pretty and coordinated again, and very inviting! I bet some new projects will be started before Sam's tunic is finished... 
While clearing out the yarn basket, I came across one of my crochet projects I started last year, shortly after Queensday - a year ago!!! And as promised, I immediately finished it and Hannah got to use it today!
It's based on the bag I crocheted last year on Queensday, but a bit smaller and with just two strands of yarn, one sock yarn (Fabel) and one strand acrylic, in shades of pink and purple. I added a flower on the flap, crocheted some picots around the edge and then sewed on two little flower buttons. She's chuffed as a peacock! And that is before I actually lined it ;)  I'll rummage around my bits of fabric to see if I have something flowery, as it could use some strengthening, especially the strap.
Today I also ventured out to the allotment. Even though the weather is quite dismal, it was great to get some work done (until I did a split on a grassy patch - should have worn my gardening overalls...)! Everything is growing and sprouting like mad (unfortunately, the weeds do to)... We will definitely have enough strawberries this year for a few jars of lovely jam! I also sowed the curly cale (a bit late, but hey...) and parsnips (like, loads, as last year we had a horrible harvest). Below you see our pear tree. I love the way the leaves uncurl, and the texture with the red bumps on them. Can't wait to see if it will give some fruit this year! More about the allotment on the gardening blog, which I will try and update today as wel...


Tijm said...

Wat weer een gezellig blogje.
Je bent goed bezig zeg!

marieke said...

tjonge wat een tomeloze energie druipt er van dit logje ! petje af hoor.

froukje said...

Oooohh wat heb jij ook mooie wolletjes gekocht!!!!

MoniqueB. said...

Zie je me vallen??
Wow wat heb je het kastje mooi gepimpt! Prachtig dusty roze. (ofcourse!).

Fijn dat het goed is gegaan met je boek! Toppie!

En nog een nieuwe fix; in prachtige kleuren. Yummie.

hannah said...

Gezellig is dit blogje met al die ditjes en datjes. Mooie tas is het geworden en ik zie dat jij de verleiding van de Drops aanbieding niet hebt kunnen weerstaan, mooie aankopen heb je gedaan.
Het kastje ziet er mooi uit zo.

Angelic said...

Kastje is echt een supermetamorfose!

Stephanie said...

Cute...I am busy pimping an old desk here, painting it red. Of course I forgot to photograph it first but will do what you did (pics without the drawers, which are already painted!). LOVE the pulls. I'm going to knit covers for my old ones, and sew a button on each one! HEHEE!