Repetitive spinning injury? No, not yet! But thank you for all your great comments on my DIY antics ;) I have my dad to thank for that strange kink in my brain that 'makes me' make stuff and do things like this. Combine this with a creative crafts streak from my mom, and this is what happens! I wonder what my dad would say if he could see me spinning on home-made spindles! His mom did it all too, but then on a proper wheel. She had sheep and goats and did everything from sheering to carding, spinning and knitting herself. Such a shame they're not here anymore to enlighten and teach me! I miss them...

But seriously, because my deadline (which one, you may ask, my life only seems to consist of deadlines these days...) is looming ever closer, I'm doing a bit more typing than is good for me. Steve has already compared my typing to a rollercoaster on the keys, and boy, am I feeling it. My elbows are raw (I am typing with two cushions underneath them), my wrists are sore and I can hardly feel the tips of my fingers anymore. Ten more pages. Ten. I'm at Van Halen and Frank Zappa is within sight... Then comes the joyous task of sitting back and relaxing, while checking this compendium of Rock and Roll for typoes.
But for now, I'm grinding my teeth, and hope I can finish this blasted book by 5 PM today... I'm off the knitting and spindling as a result, to give my hands and arms some peace, but more later on in the week (I hope!).

Update: 17.14 - DONE!


Hannah said…
Gelukkig dat het nu klaar is! Of liggen er nog een paar deadlines in het verschiet?
Tijm said…
Fijn om te zien dat de genen zo doorgegeven worden en dat je zo gebruikt maakt van je talenten!!
En dan, op zulke onverwachtse momenten mis je zo enrom je dierbaren. En zou je je ervaringen zo graag emt ze willen delen. Wat zouden ze er van genoten hebben om jou zo bezig te zien, en trots op je zijn!!
Jolanda said…
Oh, wat schrijf je weer prachtig! A feast for the eye.

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