Food for thought

Having an allotment means a lot of work, both outside, in the garden, but also inside, in the kitchen. We've been eating courgette (baked, cooked, in the oven), beans, beetroot and rhubarb already, and I've also been busy preserving stuff. I got a lovely recipe for Courgette Chutney from Tijm, and when I saw some people collecting rosehip from the roadside, I thought: why not! So, I grabbed a bag, picked some hips and set to work... And JUM... JUM!!!! The stuff smells like a cross between tomatoes and squash whenever you cook it, and getting the pips out is a b******, but add sugar and a miracle happens! JUMMMMMMM!!!
Did I say it was JUM?


Tijm said…
Wat geweldig allemaal!
Je hebt dit eerste jaar al heel veel plezier van je tuin zeg!
Nu dus boerenkool, spruiten en kolen erin??
Angelic said…
van zelf jam maken krijg ik altijd zo'n nostalgisch echte huisvrouw gevoel.
hannah said…
Dat ziet er zeker yummie uit! Leuk hoor al die lekkere dingen uit de tuin.

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