While my yoke top was drying, I also blocked my Saskia this week. And I fixed the hole, which had indeed been the result of a dropped stitch in a double decrease. Invisible now!
I really adore this little scarf, and it will be in my suitcase in 10 days' time (yikes) when we jet of to Northern Ireland's favourite holiday destination: Portrush!
We can't wait to see our mates again, and Steves mom is probably also going to come up to see us.
And if this all isn't nice enough, from tomorrow I will be 'officially' on holiday for a month. Well, take the 'official' bit with a large chunk of salt, but still. No books to translate! I just need to finish an extraordinarily tight deadline (when will I learn) for tomorrow, and then that's me. Off! More time to knit stuff! To sew stuff! To get the house ready to sell! Yeah!


froukje said…
Wauw echt mooi die Saskia, ik ben er ook mee bezig. Fijne vakantie!
Breienmaar said…
Wat mooi is deze shawl geworden! Ook prachtig wat kleur betreft!

Leuk dat mijn appelkokos koek je zo goed bevallen is:) Hij is eigenlijk te lekker;)

groetjes, martine
I have a friend named Saskia. What a great shawl!
Beti said…
shawl is beautifull!

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