The other Santa

I totally forgot to show you what I got for Sinterklaas from my Ravelry Dutch RAK group, bad girl!
We had a ball teasing each other, asking silly questions on the forum and then preparing a package which consisted of something bought, something made and a poem. I made some Merletto mitts for my 'victim', but first, here is what I got!
The chocolate letter was devoured within minutes after opening... the little yarnies are in my sock blanket basket and the sock yarn will be turned into socks for hubby soon! He was a bit dubious about the colour, but as you can see, they are called 'Men Stretch', so, even though it's a long 'stretch', they are for 'men'. ;)
The scrap letters are great! They will be used up during the holiday period, when I will (hopefully) have some time to update my photo scrapbook. And then the self-made bag, it's brilliant! It's got loads of pockets and is handy for a larger project to bring along when I'm out and about! A big thank-you to my 'Sinterklaas' Sylletje!
And this is what I made to send to Yvonne, my 'victim'...
These Merletto Mitts are one of my fave patterns e-ver, e-ver! Really, I can almost knit them in my sleep now, haha... I knit these from homespun merino with some white silky threads through them. Also self-made are the little stitch markers you see in the background. Added to this some doggie cards, doggie biscuit recipes/cutter and soap, and I had a box full of presents! Such fun to do. Can't wait until next year!!!


Jolanda said…
Wow, jij bent verwend!
MoniqueB. said…
Wat heb je mooi spul gekregen (ook die kleine strengetjes) en wat heb je mooie warme mittens gemaakt.
Dat RAK-ken fleurt de winter op!

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