A crafty weekend

This was one much-anticipated weekend... We were going to the Handwerkbeurs in Zwolle! This craft fair is absolutely amazing, chockful of traders, not only for knitting and crochet, but also for other crafts. We were a bit on the late side, so I immediately ran to my Swedisch embroidery course, by Blomsterstuga. Excuse my terrible picture, but this is my first attempt at 'yllebroderi'.
The beginning of a cover for my BlackBerry
It was great to brush up on skills that I have, and to get to know a bit more about the traditional Swedish patterns...
After I finished this workshop, Mermaid started hers. She had been walking around with Hubby, and she saw that it was possible to make 'whish hearts', something she really wanted to give a try:
Utter concentration...
Even though I am a experienced crafter myself, I suffer from a condition which has stopped me passing on what I know up to now: lack of patience... It takes time to teach a (now) 8-year-old how to do a blanket stitch, how to pass a thread through a needle... But, we did do some crafting when we got home, as she found a great book about beading, and we've made (together!) a brooch for her and a name tag for her new pen pal Ashni in Mississippi :D
After the workshopping and lunch, it was time for some hardcore shopping. Well, semi-hardcore... As I had hubby with me, there was no chance of doing what I usually do: skulk around interesting stores, approach it from different angles, think about it for half an hour, go back, fondle, smell, walk away, walk back... Hubby got a bit nervous after ten minutes, so I gave in to only two urges: buy Zpaghetti (well... Ztringz, as they had the perfect turquoise colour I wanted), and sock yarn, dyed by Dutch Wool Diva. I hadn't tried her wares yet, so I just had to buy a skein!
Yarn and hooks
As she also had lovely crochet hooks, which I needed for the Ztringz, I bought a size 9mm and 10mm. And I've started hooking already. It's so amazingly quick!

The start of a cushion cover... (pardon the colours... lamp light...)
We have also finally rounded the corner where the attic is concerned. It is still not 'perfect', but: I HAVE A CRAFTING SPACE! Yes, after five years, now that we are getting ready to sell the house, I have a space for my stuff. It's still a bit messy, but: tadaaaaaa!
MY space!
In the meantime, I have filled three flat boxes with yarn and fabric, which are stowed in the corner to the right, and the cabinet underneath that Buddha is also filled with yarn ;) But this is a great space for sewing, and for doing silly things like cakeing yarn...
Yes, I weigh the yarn, to get two perfect cakes, to be able to knit two socks at the same time...
And now we're counting the days until the Breidag. I will be following a brioche workshop given by Nancy Marchant (how WOW! is that?) and will be visiting it without Hubby. Traders, lock up your yarns!!!


Stephanie K. said…
I sat down with Violet to teach her to sew (a tiny heart-shaped cushion to hang from daddy's rearview mirror!)...her tiny three year old hands were amazingly adept, and I felt this tremedous surge of...I don't know. Wonder, pride, tradition, joy...it was profound. Here's to much patience to you, and the continued tradition of mother passing her knowledge down to her daughter (that's how I learned all I know today!)...your space looks amazing!
Jolanda said…
A cushioncorver! Wow, dat schiet aardig op. Geweldige kleur.

En een eigen ruimte, heerlijk!
marieke said…
Het was leuk He? de beurs. ik heb genoten en ben heel benieuwd naar je spaghetti avonturen
MoniqueB. said…
De Zpagetti ziet er geweldig uit; dik maar vast lekker zacht.

En wat heerlijk dat je je eigen hoekie hebt. Kan je je helemaal uitleven.
hannah said…
Heerlijk zo'n eigen ruimte!

Zo te lezen heb je je goed vermaakt op de beurs.

Ik hoop dat je zoon inmiddels weer is opgeknapt, wat zul je geschrokken zijn!!

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