Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tour de Fleece - day 19

Shock Horror! There was NO spinning yesterday! But I have a good excuse, because it was Challenge Day. While the Tour de France cyclists were facing their biggest challenge, we were 'challenged' to face ours. And mine was quite simple: go to the Weversmarkt and resist all the goodies on offer there. Well, I failed. Big time.
I came home with a drum carder*, which I had bought online from another Raveler, Nelleke. She had taken the carder with her from Tiel to Hoorn on the train, left it with my friend Marieke who had a stand there yesterday, and we picked it up and brought it home to Leeuwarden.
I did manage to succeed waiting until the kids had gone up to bed to take the big, dangerous, spikey contraption out of the bag and attach it to the table. And then the fun started. With all the fluff I had bought, I created a nice colourful batt, and then I got to work on the raw sheep I have lying about. SUCCESS! People, I have seen the light! No more rough sheep for me! See how much *crap* came out of that fleece I had already washed? This baby is going to smooth all those straggly hairs until they are as smooth and as soft as an angel baby. I am in LOVE!

* The drum carder is a Louet Junior, by the way. A small carder, just big enough for me :D

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