Tour de Fleece - day 3

On day 3 I spun another 50 grams of the merino/silk blend and then skeined the singles. As you can see, there is a bit too much twist, but from experience I know that does relax a bit more once it is knit up. It is an unmentionable large number of yards/meters. I think I stopped counting at around 600 turns of the wheel, times 1.60 m. Lots ;) Definitely enough for a huge Haapsalu shawl!
Tour de Fleece - day 3
And today is day 4, which was spent mostly in the sunshine in a playground knitting a few rows of my wool sweater while watching kids play about. It was hot though! As I was away today, it means I should be working tonight... But maybe I'll get time to do a bit of silk spinning... After a nice meal and a nice hot bath!
Bye bye!!!!


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