Friday, July 8, 2011

Tour de Fleece - day 6

What. A. Day!
As we are total news junkies, we have been glued to the television and tinternets since the 'first' news about the NotW phone hacking broke a few days ago, and today was a day to remember. This day for me was one of dirt (coming out of my fleece), tears (both tears from the eyes - with several falls from our kids and tears from tiredness, we can't wait for the summer holidays to start - and tears in clothes and this little doll from school I'll be fixing up later today) and the End of the World. Total drama! I can assure you, it spins really quickly when you're watching news programme after news programme, way too late into the night...

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Ladyknit said...

Who needs tour de france when you have notw!