Friday, July 8, 2011

Tour de Fleece - day 7

Yeah! We made the first week! We just watched Atlantis take off successfully, there's a nice kid's movie in the new BluRay-player (it's hubby's birthday today and that was his present), and I'm getting ready for a night of knitting. Yes, knitting! I've done my spinning and plying for today, and I've deserved a break. More precisely, my LEG deserves a break. Yesterday and today I spun a total of 125 grams of Schoonebeeker fleece, the one I dyed a few weeks ago. After Navajo plying, I ended up with 76 turns on the 'umbrella', which comes down to around 120 meters (10 wpi). I will be spinning some more of this, as I still have a bag full of the stuff, and there will be some cuddly toys created from this pastelly yarn. But first, it needs a bath!

Time for a birthday drink. On Steve, who's 40 today!!!


Aal said...

Ohhh, wat is het mooi geworden! En wat een leuke fotocollage; Picasa? Nog gefeliciteerd met je hubby!

Ladyknit said...

Gefeliciteerd! 40 lentes jong! Wow.